Heathrow Terminal 5

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trunnion-Tilt, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. Brand new, opened today. Multi Billion pound project and it is absolute chaos. 34 flights cancelled and flights now leaving without baggage, now baggage check in has now been cancelled altogether. Head Gobshite for BA, Willie Walsh said we were expecting teething problems as they had at Hong Kong airport. 34 flights cancellations and flights leaving with no baggage are not teething problems matey, they are absolute incompetence. What ever happened to commission trials?

    The ultimate airport experience my Arrse.
  2. Willy was on LBC this morning talking about the 'terminal five experience'. I thought that something good and efficient was going to happen not T4 in a new guise. How long before the tents are up in the car park?

    World Class no doubt about it and practice for the Olympics.

    The Chinese come in for some stick these days but I've always found Beijing airport works like a Swiss watch - in all respects.
  3. And BAA was responsible for building the new airport at HK, as well. The decision to go ahead with T5 and winning the contract for HK were announced by BAA on the same day - in 1992!!
  4. Another 34 flights cancelled today, 64 if you include the inbound which has to be cancelled to.

    Idea for a new London soap "Carry On Heathrow"
  5. Repeat post, deleted by author.
  6. Cost... :roll:

    One just has to love modern British management and there cut price business plans... :roll:
  7. BA said the initial problem was the baggage from "belt to aircraft" Wonder how many of the handlers speak English?
  8. i'm sure i heard the good (retd) Brig S**** C****m espousing the virtues of the baggage tracking system on the radio t'other day...
  9. BAA are in their 'deny everything' mode at the moment, claiming all their AORs were working exactly as they should have been and all delays are BAs fault, plenty of compensation claims i should imagine, and someone will have to shell out for it.

    Makes crab air look almost efficient....almost :)
  10. The important question is really 'is anybody at all suprised by this?'

    I know I'm not!

    This country does have a habit of shouting big but fcuking up bigger.

    I think our armed forces are a prime example on how to mess things up, uniform, equipment and manpower levels isn't really much to brag about.
  11. I wonder if BA or even BAA will be fined for their shyte, just like Network Rail over their Xmas Fcuk up.

  12. Um, I think you'll find that "British management" is one of those oxymoron thingies, like "military intelligence" or "compassionate conservatism".

    And especially in the airline industry: if you think BA and BAA screwed up load testing at T5, don't even contemplate what kind of a hash Virgin would have made of it (though to be fair they are doing their own modest bit to ensure that the T3 rejuvenation is a well-rounded farce; limo, anybody?).
  13. Monty Python declared that they were "so worried" about this situation as long ago as 1980 when they released their Contractual Obligation Album.

    Here's a You Tube clip of the song and the lyrics are here.
  14. I have just read that BA have owned T5 for 6 months.Surely enough time to test equipment and procedures? I also remember seeing pictures of "passengers" testing the baggage systems.
  15. Rehearsals is a dirty word.......... 8O