Heathrow Runway 3 - another call for it to be built

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Kromeriz, Aug 25, 2012.

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  1. Grant Shapps signals support for a third runway at Heathrow - Telegraph

    Up and coming poli Grant Shapps has signalled his support for a third runway - adjacent to the M4. News on HS2 (High Speed) has gone very quiet and was left out of the HLOS to boot. Greening who has done well for rail transport is mooted to be on the way out over her opposition. Boris J wants to build another London airport but out of the way and adjacent to HS1 - which would make it a great airport for rail links to France and Belgium.

    Personal view is that the transport infrastructure around Heathrow is knackered, there is just not the capacity, however a new airport is needed for the financial well being of the UK, therefore go with Boris. Your views?
  2. I still don't know why they can't find a way of making (former RAF) Manston work as a 'proper' airport. If I recall it has one of the longest runways in Europe, is serviced by a brand new dual carriageway which links to the M2 and would bring a lot of investment to one of the deprived areas in the UK if not Europe - Thanet!

    Plus only 30mins from where they were proposing this new airport!

    IIRC one of the issues was noise meaning the planes had to 1st go north then go all around Kent rather than cut straight across the Channel meaning extra costs but surely it would be worth it?
  3. When the original consultation went on back in 2005 (ish) the short term solution was to build a 3rd runway at LHR to ease the current issues rather than see that as a long term solution.

    Boris is absolutely right in that a proper, modern airport is needed for London, The current mess is a total farce. I'm based at LHR and it's a total shambles on a daily basis. LGW isn't much better and the mix of Luton and STN being thrown into the mix, just confuses the issues.

    Air travel is essential to the economic well being of a nation, successive UK governments seem to not realise that and have treated it as a rich person's thing to be taxed into oblivion, when of course it isn't. It's a transport system like any other, it's just fashionable to have a pop at it.

    Governments pour billions into a rail network which is still crumbling, but give sod all to air transport and so seem to do their best to frustrate the aviation industry in order to protect rail.

    We're pretty good at aviation in the UK despite the best efforts of Government meddling, we could even be world leaders again if we were allowed.
  4. UK is decades behind the curve on updating aviation facilties (along with every other aspect of transport and economic policy), and the damage to the economy is apparent to anyone who now travels through European hubs. LHR and LGW should get extra runways as an immediate short-term fix, then perhaps the estuary airport contemplated as an addition. People complain about traffic congestion around LHR - but look at the utter shambles on the other side by the Dartford crossings. Hard to see an estuary airport being of any use unless it is provided with express bullet trains into central London, free/additional crossings over the Thames - and miles of motorway links.
  5. Affordable bullet trains that is - not like the Heathrow Express rip off service. Manston could be do-able, but a brand new, purpose-built Harry Spankers airport in the thames estuary would be preferable - much like the chinks did with Chek Lap Kok. I cannot understand the noise argument re: Manston. Modern a/c engines are not noisy. I grew up on the flightpath of Ringway (as was) and those 707s, VC10s and DC8s really made the non-double glazed windows rattle. I still visit regularly and the noise is barely discernable.
  6. I understood that the airport would link into High Speed 1 from St Pancras to Brussels and Paris...
  7. I would support the estuary airport, it might also bring about another tunnel link between Kent and Essex. Issue then is the M25.

    To which I would say that this government must revisit the Channel and Tunnel and with the gauge widened HS1, ...encourage... all vehicles on to piggy back services now been mooted by the railway - go to Passau and watch the trucks being loaded for their journey through Austria ... and then drive on an Austrian motorway, vive la change.
  8. Manston is a spit and a fart from Ramsgate,where HS1 starts from,problem is NIMBY's,and perceived noise.

    LHR is a spent idea,the estuary airport is a great idea,rail link wouldn't be that hard,but you're all forgetting the 'birdies',that stop of on the wetlands of North Kent,at the moment the 'tree huggers' are winning the argument.

    What is needed,is a government to just make the desicion,and do it,and I expect if that's what we have to wait for,then not in my lifetime! ;-)

  9. Used to be,the BR MotorRail depot,was behind Olympia,put your car on a flatbed there,drive it of in Inverness,not an bad idea,just needs the customers,I suppose with some kind of Cross Rail link,get the flats onto the HS line,then through the Tunnel,and away the other side,Europe's your oyster!
  10. Unless its a high-capacity train that departs every 15 minutes or so and heads directly to central London terminus (a la Gatwick Express), then the airport will just be perceived as time-consuming and remote by passengers.
  11. Hi 4T, those would be the Javelins that are already operating KENT Coast into St Pancras. However, making truly international and saving a shit load of money on extending High Speed 1 to Heathrow... just don't go there... would be an international service that calls say every hour and then goes to Lille, then Brussels or Paris... it could beat changing planes because it would take you to the centre of Brussels or Paris. We would become an international competitor to Schipol.
  12. What a load of shite. There's no issues at LHR. T2 being rebuilt, T3 is good as is T5. T4 no issues. I arrived through T1 last weekend. No problems or delays. Flew through during the Olympics and it was seamless. We just love to talk our facilities down. Worst delay going through immigration to departures? NYC at JFK T2. It was a cake and arse party.
  13. Just build a third runway down the middle between the other two. Have to shift some buildings around though.
  14. Exactly what are you a guru of? It is not about the actual airport - well it is a little bit. It is the strain on the transport infrastructure. In your own time.
  15. There.s a question for Roger Ford of Modern Rail - can we motor rail from London or indeed even further afield? Is there a market?