Heathrow Jumbos landing error

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. The pilot of a jumbo jet with 450 passengers ignored autopilot landing instructions when he realised they had veered off course, a report said.

    More here
  2. Cretin. Where does he think the Pilot is on finals? "Ok, I'm gear down and 220 knots and lined up and committed nicely for finals on the Edgware Road"

    What a stupid statement. Of course he took matters into his own hands. Where do they find these flat earth fools?
  3. Bit worrying that they found "no fault" with any of the systems. That means that it can happen again, at any time.
  4. Just like your computer can crash at any time. Sh1t happens its only technology, nothing is perfect.
  5. And that, ladies and gents, is why stick monkeys will be around for some time to come yet.
  6. Just be thankful it wasn't a zero visibility/instruments only landing!
  7. That's what diversions are for Stoaty. (Unless it's Malaysian Airlines who once infamously tipped up at Heathrow with only 10mins of fuel left in the tanks.)
  8. GPS, VOR, ADF etc would have prevented him just blindly allowing the autopilot to fly the ILS. From what I can gather, it was the autopilot that had the glitch trying to intercept the ILS. Any Capt or first officer with even an ounce of professionalism would be monitoring his progress down the tube (unless youre working for Ryanair/Eirjet :wink: ).

    Its a bit of a non story really but its been reported on because the AAIB had to investigate it.

    I'll bet John Stewart of Hecan Clearskies would be pished off if he came off his lentle eating holiday with his sweaty pie eating wife and was forced to catch the train from Humberside airport back home. He's probably one of those knobheads who buys his house dirt cheap because its next to an airport then spends the rest of his pointless life complaining about the noise. Send the fecker back to the stone age. Chod.
  9. Isnt this something out of the thunderball bond film?
  10. And Diehard 25 as well I think.
  11. and the Elliot Carver "die another day" one.