Heathrow Incident-LHR BA cut the grass

The BA flight from Beijing has just missed the end of the runway at LHR and landed short. More details shortly but LHR is closed.

edited to add LHR apparently not closed completely but we did get a report through at 13.28 originating through one of the travel agents networks that LHR was closed.
LHR is not closed, just the southern runway, 27L.

The aircraft undershot the runway by around 500 ft with the associated hard landing forcing the main undercart oleos up through the wing. Cause is obviously not known yet so let's not speculate.

Thankfully it sounds like everyone got out okay.

The PM was only saved by what appears to have been a sudden change in the skidding planes trajectory believed to have been caused by the Gravitational pull of John Prescott who was sitting at the bar of the BA lounge .
Well if Vanessa Feltz was in the back I think the pilots did a good job, I would imagine that the balance of the plane could be affected by something like that!
It was either a great piece of flying, or a very sh1te piece of flying.

I guess time will tell.
pupgreen said:
very lucky.. just missed my mums house...

I hope she filmed it!..... :wink:
pupgreen said:
very lucky.. just missed my mums house...
Your mums a badger living on the airfield?
k13eod said:
It's 5059 miles between Beijing and London ... so not that bad really, got within a few yards!

:D a glass half full man


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