Heathrow closed

Maybe it was some oriental gentleman brewing up a goat curry on a gas burner on the floor in the passanger area. "Ethiopian Airlines', got to be a tad suspician there.....
Hmm. Does anyone have any Airbus shares they don't want?
Someone at Heathrow should be grumpy as well. Why close an airport the size of a city because one aircraft that isn't on a runway catches fire?
I wondered that as well? why don't they just drag it out of the way and carry on as normal?


Because if Fireman Sam and his buddies are occupied hosing down a Wetdreamliner, they're not available should some other clown stoof-in on another part of the airfield.
I'll stick to the VC10's. Never had a crash.


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Boeing has serious problems. The Dreamliner is the 'next generation' aircraft that's meant to secure its short and medium term future. It's already been massively late into service and then spent quite a few months grounded after the initial spate of battery fires. A few more incidents like this and it could end up grounded again. That will cause massive damage to Boeing's balance sheet.

Worst case, another extended grounding could start pushing Boeing towards a Chapter 11 style bankruptcy. I'll bet the Boeing board is quietly crapping itself as we speak...


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