Heathrow airport T5 lounge discounts

Are you on about discounts for serving Military?

As I understand it, you are ex Military, ergo, same as me, a Civvy.

There may be a deal with holders of a Forces Discount Card (loads of info on this site) or you could try the link below.

You’ll not get into the BA lounges unless you qualify through their Executive Club or travel business/first class. There is one Aspire lounge in T5, they rarely offer discounts but worth a google.
Priority Pass or get to BA Silver and then use their lounges.

In my experience the BA business and first lounges are fairly crap. Concorde Room is only place to be...
Write a letter to the managers of the various stores telling them they have a highly trained whatever visiting...

Or stop being a cock and just stick your hand in your pocket.

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