Heather Mills McCartney

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forastero, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Anybody have any sympathy for this woman? She was on GMTV this morning berating the press/media for portraying a poor image of her. Frequently quoting her charity work she also stated that she was 'trying to protect Paul.'

    Golddigger or simply misunderstood?

  2. Golddigger, no question. Just look at her and her history. She feels victimised by the press - no shit. Personnally I feel that the press are accurately reflecting public opinion and that she should dry her eyes and keep quiet.


    PS - Was she not engaged to Chris Terill of Commando:On the Front Line fame at one point??
  3. She hasn't got a leg to stand on.........
    She keeps putting her foot in her mouth.............
    Tell her to hop it ...................
  4. I wish people would stop picking on this poor lady......it's prosthetic!
  5. She needs to put her best foot forward and forget about the heels in the media. She's a lovely lass who is prepared to stump up for charity no matter what the cost. Ahem.
  6. ********Breaking news**********

    A Gold mine in South Africa has collapsed today in which 500 are feared dead and 700 are injured. On interviewing one of the injured miners, Joshua Makamsa said "It was terrifying, there was carnage everywhere. I know I'm lucky to be alive but my livelyhood has been taken away now, I mean who wants a one-legged gold digger?". To which Paul mcCartney said "Not me!!!!!"

    Boom boom
  7. She is on BBC news 24 right now (again). My mind is not made up but initial opinion is a bit of both.

    Everytime I have heard her speak she always manages to slip in a fair bit of self-promotion. OTOH it would appear that some media outlets are demonising her and I am sure a fair few people on this site are aware that sometimes the news is so wrong that it looks like lies. I must admit though sympathy is hard to come by for anyone awarded multi-millions of money earned by someone else.
  8. I saw her kick a puppy.


    It may have been a dream.
  9. If the boot was on the other foot, would she give Sir Paul a wedge. I doubt it.(pun intended)
  10. This biddy's got exactly the same problem that Phony Tony had (and Cyclops Broon still has), in that she'd like to project herself as all straight up, above board and, you know, a nice type of girl who's all lovey-dovey and just a misunderstood victim, but she's convinced nobody yet. I wonder why?

  11. Blair did have the one redeeming feature of being able to be voted out of office though (although that didn't happen) I suspect Ms.Mills will be with us for the duration.
  12. She was and he was even quoted as saying that the Taliban didn't scare him as he was once married to Heather Mills!!
  13. She is a repulsive woman.

    Says a lot about scouse Paul that he married her...
  14. She, like many "celebrities" court the media to get the attention. When said media comes back and bites them on the bum because they have found out they where once involved in the porn industry (allegedly), they then go on the media to tell the world how bad the media is, and how they are being victimized.

    They then write a book that gets serialised in the media
  15. I find it hard to feel any pity for McCartney either. Does he honestly think a young bird like her was marrying him for his good looks and personality. He must have known that the big attraction was the links to showbiz and the line to the bank. IMHO they deserve one another.