Heather Mills McCartney Revelations

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. I was reading through my wife's newspaper this evening, whilst enjoying a quiet moment in the garden. I was quite aghast to hear of Lady McCartney's former career as a porn star. It was really quite shocking and apparently Sir Paul has taken these revelations very badly. It seems she posed for an illustrated sex guide and this dark period in her early life is overshadowing her charitable career and role as a spokeswoman. It may also affect her divorce settlement.

    The woman has obviously denied the allegations but having read the article and seen it's accompanying photographs it is clear that what can't speak can't lie. I'd say she hasn't got a leg to stand on.
  2. Apart from having only one leg to stand on,The Scum also claims,as does The Mirror,that her former husband claimed that she was an 'escort' in the London area.No doubt someone who 'met' her,during this period,is,even now,talking to the tabloids?
  3. When she was first in the papers after her accident there were all sorts of allegations in the news about sex and drugs and her 'interesting' former life. I don't feel love or sympathy for either of them - he's an old man of questionable talent; she's no better than she ought to be - and I dislike the fact that it's going to be almost impossible to escape hearing about what will be an ugly divorce. Oh well, at the end of it at least she'll be foot-loose and fancy free... GROAN :roll:
  4. At least he won't be singing "I wanna hold your stump" anymore. Or Norweigian Wood(en leg)

    Getting coat..
  5. I could tell a story about her, however I won't. All I will say is she deserves to get nothing.
  6. Whitehorse................what a crap statement. In which case, I dont have any stories about her but, i'll make up something. Reckon she deserves to get everything.
  7. Well all i can say is she must legless on regular basis, or Paul must been thinking when they had sex, you didn't have to open them that wide!!!!!
  8. Hold up there - I don't like the silly cow, but she had sex with the old man, so she probably wants to get paid...
  9. Thats a womans way ?
  10. Why do we bother giving these people such credibilty? The only thing they really fear is obscurity.
  11. She is obviously a woman familiar with using her crutch to go places.
  12. That is the way of some women, granted.

    Couldn't agree more! I genuinely despair of the recent obsession with making talentless nobodies somebody, giving them air-time and vast sums of money purely because they're "a bit different". Chroist, I'm turning into a Grumpy Old Man, the only problems with that being that I'm 32 and female! 8O
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    That's still old.
  14. Yes dear. :roll: If only I was "28 and a bit", eh... :p
  15. Would you get it though Dozy even being that old??