heather mills is at it again!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by billyx, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I have no sympathy for her - she is just a media whore and is too stupid to understand that the media aren't always on your side.

    She created this sh!tstorm, she should have to deal with it.

    Boo fecking Hoo. She can hobble off this mortal coil for all I care, she won't really be missed by many (if at all).
  2. She claimed on TV the other day that she had a 1.5 million overdraft to pay for her legal fees. Im sure that will clear with no problems once Sir Paul settles. I watched the interview and she came accross badly, i wanted to fill the hoare in.
  3. i totally agree,but i bet she can get good deep penetration once she has removed that stick leg!

    bl*ody moaning old hasbin,you don`t hear paul crying about having his bank cleaned out!
  4. Maybe the saudis have booked her for the week. :wink:
  5. I'd still pump her. Punishment sex though of course....you know.....the sort of sex when you're smashing her back doors in, dry, at pace, as you repeatedly slam her head in the fridge door ;)
  6. She needs a good pumping, thats why she is going crazy.

    She needs a regular supply of man meat
  7. Apparently as well as around £70 million she gets to keep the plane! and his razor for the other leg!!!!

    Sorry that was old and tired!!

    That crying on TV was the worst piece of acting ever!
  8. What she really needs as you say is the back doors kicked in (dry) and then ATM, and just as she is swollowing the last tag nut. tell her that she is your first raspberry!!!!
  9. Maybe she could do with a golden shower to calm her down
  10. Maybe she needs a Grizzly bear??

    Grizzly Bear

    When a guy shaves his pubic hair and hides them under a pillow, then while receiving felatio, he pulls out, ejaculates in her face, and pushes her face into the pile of pubes. When she comes up, she will be covered in pubes, giving the appearance of a grizzly bear, then (understandably angry) wil make noise that make her sound like a grizzly as well *Grrrrr*
  11. Gonna try that on the old girl later!!! hahaha :lol:
  12. And to top it off she wasn't wearing a poppy!!!! Dosy bint
  13. She definately deserves severe punishment if she was without a poppy.

    smudge67, start with the grizzly process :pc:
  14. I'll get on it, and her ;)