War Hero
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Bugger missed the start. Never mind still class all the way!
Yeah, Ashley Judd (Val Kilmer's chick) would get it LARGE!


War Hero
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"There is a dead man on the end of this telephone"Great line must use it more at work.
heidtheba said:
Bigdumps said:
I watched this film a short while ago and..... I don't get whats so good about it?

Anyway, best De Niro film has gotta be Taxi Driver...
The shooting scene :roll:
So good, Uncle Sam's Mutant Children use it as a training video! :lol:
Werewolf said:
Is it just me, or were the Bad Guys significantly better shots than most of the cops? 8O
Perhaps due to the fact that Andy McNab was a Technical advisor on the film:-


“When McNab was technical weapons advisor and trainer on the hit Michael Mann film Heat (1995) he spent five months in Hollywood working closely with Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Val Kilmer. As well as advising on weapons handling and use, McNab was drafted in to work out in detail how master-thief De Niro would go about pulling off robberies on an armoured car and a bank, and how cop Al Pacino would go about tracking him down and stopping him.”

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