Heat wave incoming.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Big_Rob, Jul 9, 2010.

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  1. This weekend apparently, Im planning much alcohol and fajita, Also I hear Canvey Islands very nice this time of year may head down that way. Whats your plans chaps?

    p.s is heatwave one word or two, its always puzzled me.
  2. Well.... i think that I will just hang around Caesaromagus (Chelmsford) this weekend. if it gets too hot, I will just have to go to bed, have a laydown and think of past glories.....
  3. So. there's currently a 70% chance that the temperature is going to hit 31 degrees.

    Nothing to get worked up about, is it? 'kin heatwave, indeed!
  4. 31 degrees? Thats sports weather that is.
  5. Yep, I will be doing some archery on Sunday, stood in the middle of a field whilst basting in my own bodily juices. Oh deep joy. Oh, and by the way anything over 25 degrees in this country is considered a heat wave.
  6. I'm playing 7's tomorrow. Glad its not going to be hot............
  7. Doing a spot of diving Sunday so should stay cool at 30 metres down ish.

    Does it count as a sport ?? Im not exactly giving it Jaws through the water :)
  8. Isn't it nice that in the U.K. it's considered a heat wave if the temprature hits 30(ish) for a day or two. Of course this means it's 30'c around the South of England(where the news gets made for the rest of the country!) and might not get that hot anywhere else!
  9. Odd that Ilech most of use here think we are inundated with news from the rest of the UK

  10. So true, nothing of note happening up here in the North, no heat wave causing a drought due to reservoirs being empty, despite not having had the worst snow and floods for years over the winter, no cabbies driving around Cheshire murdering random people nor is there currently a massive man hunt in the Newcastle area for a murderer who thinks he's Rambo who has 'declared war' on the Police and anyone else he considers fair game.

    Bugger all ever happens here, its so dull, I'm moving down south where the action is!
  11. With the Met offices record on these predictions it may be wise to get the wellys and the brollys out.
  12. I am going campng by the beach :) :)
  13. I'll be f*cking melting that's what I'll be doing. Me and heat do NOT go well together.

    And no, I did not moan about the cold.
  14. Bl00dy moan, moan, moan again just because you get a bit of sun and heat you lot down there go off on one ;)

    It has been raining here and is cloudy and no prosepect of it clearing up so no chnage there then :)
  15. You got it there, Dutchie. A few days without rain and a touch of warmth and the Rooinekke squeal like stuck pigs...

    I'll be at sprogette's Sword Parade on Sunday, taking bets on how many of the Cadets topple over.