Heat stress residual effects?


A question for the medically qualified...

A couple of years ago I went down with heat stress at the end of a cft, dizzy, disoriented etc.
Medics stripped me off and cooled me and gave me isotonics (which I promptly threw up) got a lift home from a mate (as we were knocked off after the tab.) and bedded myself down with loads of fluids and sleep. Resting pulse was well over 100, by the next morning it had dropped to 90ish, then steadily dropped.
Gave myself a break from training then restarted and built back up gradually.

There appeared to be no more probs, but nowadays when I get a bit hot, or exercise hard, I sweat like a b'stard! I don't mean a bit, I mean it's dripping off me and my kit is soakiong.
So is this an after effect of heat stress, or am I just a sweaty git? lol
Not a drama really, just curious...
I'm not medically qualified, but I have had a similar experience. I ended up in the sick bay with heat stroke when I was working with the USNG in Virginia, and ever since I do seem to be more sensitive to extremes of temperature. And I sweat a lot when exercising.

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Not a medic either, but I believe the body learns to react reflexively like this because it doesn't want to die.


Yes there can be residual effects once you have suffered a proper heat illnes ie over 40 degress celsius rectal temperarture reading or a few cases of it. You may have to be refered to specialist INM naval place. So make sure you drink plenty of fluids if your a big time sweater as another instance could mean downgrading etc. I have to admit it pi$$es me off when some psycho trashes a load of soldiers with heat illness damaging lives a careers!! Rant OUT

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