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Hearts of Iron 3

I picked this up from Steam for £6 in Dec and have not been able to play due to it being really unstable and crashing all the time. I am used to Paradox being a bit flaky, but this is taking the p*ss.

It looks like a great game if it works.

Do any Arrsers have it and have any tips for getting it to run.
Not as yet, I will start my home machine up tonight and see if steam will do it automatically. Failing that I will have a look on the web site.

Had the same problem even with 1.3 patch. I found when opening the game with the HOI3.exe file in the game directory rather than steam it started fine.

Its still crashes when coming out a scenario and trying to load another scenario/save so I just quit to Windows and restart now.

Also a common problem is that the tutorial will not work with Patch 1.3

Stick with it though, underneath the crap software is a good game.
It seems a lot more stable, not sure if the steam self patch has worked or not though.

It does look bloody good. I beat Poland using the set HQ objective, it took its time, but the AI did seem to do a combined arms attack.

I am just figuring out how to move my forces across to the west.

I am sure that with another couple of reads of the manual and a bit of practice it will be as enjoyable as its earlier incarnations.

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