Hearts of Iron 3

Anyone else seeing that the sequel to the greatest strategy game ever made is due out this year? can't wait! Apparently they've updated several bits, the graphics look a lot better, you know build divisions from individually researched component brigades, you have to set up a proper div-corps-army-army group CoC, instead of tech teams you have a system for putting preferences into differant types of production and research, and you have actual politcal parties instead of ideology sliders...
God it seems even more complicated that it's prequel, still enjoyed the game although combat was nigh on impossible even when the yanks turn up.
it does look like an armchair generals wetdream i must admit :p
Hmm, personnally, as long as it deals with some of the bugs in HOI2, and the fact that you can do numerous sneaky beaky stuff to get round some of the problems, after you've completed it the first few times - double industrial capacity (Make more stuff....) and an extra... 5-10K manpower (more units) along with putting in the code that allows no limit, you get some very...odd... side effects.

Normally. the Yanks get about... 20 divisions, overall, then stop. The Ruskies stop about... 120-180 divisions.

Now, thanks to the cheats I've put in, it's come out at the Yanks having 120 odd divisions, by 1939, with the Japs boardering on 200, and the Ruskies on 250. o_O

Immensely fun, but makes it so damn easy when the Germans try to invade France. Means you can run off, and have fun elsewhere, playing as the Brits, and even the French, as the yanks just squat there.

But I digress.

I'm personnally looking forward to it, it should be great fun, and hopefully not too many changes to understand. :D
The AI for the USA was partitcularly poor, and it often seemed like the UK would win the desert war and fight in the far east, and even try and liberate Norawy, but wouldn't participate in any D-Day type operation! I hope they get rid of the not being able to Military Control countries of higher IC then you, they put this nonsense feature in trying to make out that it was gamey and unrealistic-ah, thats why in real life they had things like COSSAC and SACEUR and other multinational HQs in WW2, it can cripples your strategy as the allies as you have to rely on the American AI not being dopey....
bah multiplayer games all the way!

trying to crush a human playing germany with britain is a tad difficult :D

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