Hearts of Iron 2? anyone played/play?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by von_Richthofen, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone came across this fantastic game?

    ww2 strategy, although You've got the Doomsday and Armageddon addons now that give some very interesting alternative history scenarios.

    I play occassionally with some friends locally but need some more competition as they all seem to play exactly the same tactics all the time :lol:

    anyone had/has or fancy a game?
  2. I used to have a serious HOI2 habit, I don't know if my schedule could stand starting again.
  3. Amazing game, unfortunatly the scenario ends in 1947.... not long enough for me to conquer the world :(
    Where can i get the add on's from?
  4. you can buy them from www.heartsofiron2.com

    I think Armageddon (the latest stand alone) is about £2 for download...

    Doomsday (end date of 60' something) giving you enough time to conquer the world with say... a resurgent nationalist Spain :lol: I'm under the impression is also stand alone and changes the game mechanics a little tweaking a few things... you can't now for example, defeat the entire RN by placing a stack of 30 U-boats outside Portsmouth for a year. Also adds more diplomacy options and a revamped intelligence system

    if anyone wants a game, give me a PM :D
  5. BEST STRATEGY GAME EVER!!! its like Cyber-crack! Deepest, richest strategy game ever made, so many options, so many details. Its so satisfying playing as Britain in the 1936 scenario, you can build up to a ridiculous level of military might by 1940, then the Army can stop the Wehrmacht in its tracks, drive them back out of Belgium, then surround the Ruhr and fan out to take the rest of Germany. After that, you can engineer a war against the hated commies, by that point its usually the Brits in Centurions (Type-VI in game) with Meteor jets for airsupport against russkies in T-34s and Yak propellor aircraft, with large numbers of frogs/poles/belgians etc. as military-controlled cannon fodder, and when Moscow falls to the invincible armies of Britain you almost want to hold a victory parade! The key to success is skilled opertional manouvre, with enough armour and maintenance of aim you can get 30-40 division encirclements, couple of them and most enemies fold. The most entertaining countries to play as are Britain, Germany, japan, Soviet union and Nationalist china...
    and Brazil...
  6. hehe, try playing Japan, conquer Nat China in under a year. drive west across india to the gulf, and by 39/40 you'll be nicely placed to actually aid nazi germany... :twisted:
  7. Is this available in shops or just from tinternet i may have to give it a try being a strategy buff myself
  8. hehe

    it is indeed available from your local gamestore.

    There was a tri-pack with the original and both addons released not so long ago

  9. im looking through the wiki for it and shall be scouring my local high street in the morning. The peoples republic of lichenstein shall rise soon
  10. It surely cant be the best strategy game, It has to be Medival: total war 2, It beats em all by far! 8)
  11. Managed to pick up a copy of the original this morning before work i couldnt find any with the expansion packs but il be up and running tonight but im stuck in work till gone 21.00 bugger!
  12. make sure you download the 1.3a update

    else you get stupid things happen... like when you invade France and they horde 20 divisions in each province of the Maginot line 8O surrounded but they supply themselves so can stay there pretty much indefinitely :evil:
  13. I havent got tinternet at home but its a 2007 budget release so maybe fingers crossed it could be a later version probably not though knowing my luck.If i like it il get the add-ons so that should sort it

    Edited to add it says on the cheapo company website its version 2.0 so it should be fine