"Hearts & minds" nightmare if this report is true:(

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fingers_1661, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. This sort of headline, along with the Yanks pissing on dead bodies, does more damage to the MOD/NATO than the taliban could ever dream of:(

    Two British soldiers ‘abused kids aged ten’
    PM's shock at 'child abuse' By JOHN KAY and VIRGINIA WHEELER, Defence Editor

    Published: Today
    TWO British soldiers have been arrested over claims they abused Afghan children aged about ten.
    The accused pair — a sergeant and a private in the Mercian Battle Group — allegedly encouraged a boy and a girl to touch them through their clothes.

    They are said to have filmed the children doing it before showing the footage to other soldiers on laptops.

    David Cameron was said to be "deeply shocked" last night over the claims.

    Two British soldiers ‘abused kids aged ten’ | The Sun |News

    I sincerely hope it is untrue & is quickly nipped in the bud.
  2. I was going to comment, but i've just realised i've mistakenly stumbled into the NAAFI bar, my apologies.......oh, wait a minute
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  3. I think people are being unduly alarmist. Not that it in any way justifies criminal activities, but if you look at the untrammeled savagery of life in Afghanistan, and the fact that the sexual abuse of women, children, young men etc is routine, I hardly think that the mass of population are going to think significantly worse of ISAF because of a few incidents that are, to be frank, pretty small beer when you look at the way the Talibs go on.

    The Afghan versions of Lee Jasper, Ben Summerskill and Diane Abbot will of course shout the place down about brutal, unacceptable etc, but I can't imagine the average Afghan giving two hoots either way.
  4. Yeah, but I like to think we're a bit better than that.
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  5. I wasn't saying it was acceptable. I was saying that, given what they're used to, I doubt it will be a 'hearts and minds nightmare' from the Afghan point of view.
  6. True but it's amazing how much outrage can be generated when it's an outsider that's doing the bashing.

    I don't think this is anything other than perverts getting their kicks with little kids so hearts and minds wouldn't enter their heads any other than it does when they're volunteering to babysit for the pads back home.
  7. Anna Maria Cardinalli: "Pashtun Sexuality", August 30, 2010 - OutHistory

    an interesting twist. so who initiated the 'contact' first? did they peaster and cajol the kids to touch them?

    or were the kids just curious and checking to see how much better the west really is??

    Afghanistan eh? were boys will be boys...... until thursday night when their all dressed up as little girls.
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  8. I very much doubt the substance of this story is quite as reported. It sounds more like squaddie humour taken too far or out of context.
  9. this was actually my first thought as well Delta. i seem to remember one of our blokes waving his knob at some kids that were staring at us and shouting "waaayhaaay!" like the mong he was. he went in a strop after i pointed out that if he'd done that in the uk he would be on the register and called him a paedo for the rest of the day.
  10. Agreed. Idiotic pseudo paedo behaviour blowing up in their faces.
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    Pruned. This is NOT the NAAFI.
  12. Kind of 'paedo walting'?
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  13. apols...