Hearts and Mines: Britain's Small Wars

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by sillymajor, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. General Sir Mike Jackson, Colonel Peter Stock, Jonathan Walker, Dr Matthew Hughes, Con Coughlin
    National Army Museum 10 September 2011, 10.15am - 5.30pm

    'Hearts and Mines' will explore the role of the British Army from global policing to peacekeeping. Leading journalists, authors and soldiers will come together to examine the conflicts from the end of the British Empire to the 'War on Terror', which continue to instigate and shape the evolution of the British Army.

    * Dr Matthew Hughes - Palestine, 1945-1948
    * Colonel Peter Stock - Malaya, 1948-1960
    * Jonathan Walker - Aden, 1955-1967
    * General Sir Mike Jackson - Northern Ireland, 1976-Present
    * Con Coughlin - Iraq/Afghanistan, 2001-Present

    Tickets can be purchased in the following ways:

    * Telephone: 020 7881 6600
    * Online: Use the booking form at the link or visit the Museum Shop
    * At the National Army Museum

    Hearts and Mines: Britain's Small Wars | Targeted Talks | National Army Museum, London

    A concessionary rate is available to SOFNAM members, students, seniors and service personnel. Group rates available for 10+ tickets