Hearts and minds my arrse

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scousadan, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. Sly b@stards for a few strips of wood!! I wouldnt mind but all this was going on......

    When the U.S. military first invaded Iraq's capital, it decided to tread carefully around the museum, aware of its trove of priceless, centuries-old artifacts. But the insurgents had other ideas and fired on the invaders from the museum's rooftop, drawing return fire that seriously damaged the building. In April 2003, looters ransacked the facility, making off with thousands of irreplaceable artifacts from a collection that dated back six millennia, encompassing the Assyrian and Babylonian empires. The thieves soon spirited the artifacts to other countries, notably Jordan, Syria and the United States......

    Wood :lol:
  2. That's one of the most moronic things I've ever seen. I'd join the insurgency if they did that to my livelihood.
  3. fcukin yank b4stards, another reason i hate america.
  4. And the scary thing is, Yank's still belive that the rest of the world loves them :p
  5. a) personally, when i find somebody who doesn't understand me, rather than crushing their car, I try and make them understand me with my voice. like... if they don't understand you and you just crush their car, they don't know that it was anything to do with looting, and just that you're a cnut.

    b) ever since they arrived in town with that joke of a tank they wanted to crush a car. they're silly yanks and figure that kind of thing is funny. those people were just unfortunate enough to have their car in the wrong place at the wrong time and the spams just chose them.
  6. Discraceful pictures I must say 8O . I know its all wrong! but to be honest some of them just look asif they were having a laugh all be it totally inhumane. Imagine a British soldier captured by the Iraqis or taliban, what do you think they would go through? I'd say alot worse than that. I have to say if I was present when this was going on I'd step in and have something to say. Its wrong. :x
  7. Look at picture 6, it's Ross Kemp. haha

  8. Sorry. I thought this was the naafi bar. I seem to have wandered into the WI (waaah institute). FFS man up.
    There is nothing funnier than getting a picture of one of your muckers bouncing his ballbag on the shaven head of a prisoner tied to the floor with a dog chain.
  9. Picture 5 is actually a cut from Borat
  10. B astards! There was some lovely bits of timber there! Mind how funny would it have been if the car was booby-traped?
  11. Looting?

    Would these be the same yanks that had a great time going through all saddams shite from his palaces?