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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Tremaine, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. Yorkshire (BBC "Look North" and ITV "Calendar") have said that Heartbeat is not "axed" per se, just that they aren't filming anymore for a while due to having loads of episodes "in the can". They are apparently due to re-start filming in 2010 but not before. Anyone else not believe this?

    Seems a popular programme with a few good songs and characters, always good stories and typically British. Maybe that's the problem :?

    The past few years Heartbeat has been put aside for Celeb on Ice and other bollox, etc. I used to really look forward to Sunday Nights on TV. There's a new series just started, but after that finishes.... crap.

    Where's Greengrass when we need him eh? :roll:
  2. anyone else wondered about the mil influence on tv tonight? Heartbeat had a character finding Monty's beret in an old jeep, (and a particularly embarassing storyline that Peggy Armstrong had been a FANY) then Kingdom had a Blues and Royals soldier losing a leg and an eye in an IED attack trying for more compensation from the MOD, while his female friend tried to join the Blues and Royals so she could know what her boyfriend killed in the attack had experienced.............
  3. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Your post actually makes me feel a bit better. I understood it was to be axed. As for their having lots in the can (and you didn't mention that ITV were using slipping ratings as an excuse), of course ratings are slipping if you only show a couple of episodes then break off for a whole series of something else then come back mid-storyline, you nobs, ITV.

    Another one to mount the soapbox about. After series 1 (all those years ago) some d!ckhead who entirely missed the point, complained that the music was too pervasive and could we have a bit less of it. IMO the music is the best bit of it. I do so like the fact they keep managing to drop a few bars of Floyd in every now and then (I suppose 17 minutes of Interstellar Overdrive in one episode would be kicking the arrse out of it).
  4. Heartbeat was/is gash, and probably always will be!
  5. I assume that you wouldn't have liked 'Dixon of Dock Green' then? Wow, George's daughter Mary, who eventually married Andy, was a bit of alright. :oops:
  6. Never watched "Dixon" Perhaps I'm too young for old this "old person" TV?
  7. They have been filming alot recently though (from what I have seen on my way to and from work) and it only just seems to be tailing off, they might actually be telling the truth.
  8. I wonder how many takes it erm.. takes to get a shot of thet A10 starting first kick.
  9. yes you are so bog off out of our thread :)
  10. sorry Grandma ;)
  11. Great-Aunt if you please - being a maiden lady :wink:
  12. Now that just sounds kinky :)

    I do prefer the more "experienced" lady I must admit.
  13. is "experienced" a euphamism?
  14. As an aside I was actual in a series in 1993. I served my last 7 months with 1 DERR Band the producers wanted a Band to play in the Bandstand on Whitby Harbour. Cold day we got £65 for two days work.

    I quite like Hearbeat the female Detective sergeant does something for me. Claire Willie.
  15. Quite possibly ;)