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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by everythingintime, May 28, 2009.

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  1. I'm doing my training right now, getting myself ready to 'be the best' and all that...
    Now, i run very easily, have no problems, push through it fine but when I run on the treadmill it says my heart rate is 180 bpm (well, it only said that today)... I'm 23, I'm in good shape and I don't find the running that taxing... should I be concerned?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  2. I hate treadmills. Last time i was on one, the BPM monitor said i was dead. :roll:
  3. Ok, so maybe I shouldn't trust the treadmill and just rely on my own body instinct?
  4. I am no one to comment on it, but i've never had a problem ignoring BPM monitors. Seek professional advice if you're really worried about it.

    But hey, don't go blaming "Matty0001" after you collapse in a field. :wink:
  5. My consultant said to me that if the only way you can tell that your heart is beating that fast is by using a heart rate monitor then you don't have a problem. If you feel faint or dizzy etc then you need to get it looked at.
  6. 220 less your age will give you 80% of your total rate. As long as you do not push past that to often then you will be fine. However if you do feel unwell, etc stop.
  7. That should be your maximum rate. You should then train at about 70-80% of that for good endurance work, and vary ti around a bit.

    If you're coping fine at 180 then thats great, but consider running for longer and lowering the pace (and therefore heart rate) and you may find your endurance improves a bit.
  8. Isn't resting heart rate significant too? My resting heart rate is 54bpm which I reckoned was pretty good. Shame about my blood pressure... :X
  9. Brilliant site that will give you a thorough understanding of training levels etc: Heart rate zones Also, I can thoroughly reccommend the polar personal trainer site
    I use a polar HRM and also the Nike+ system PM me if you want some more help. (I am NOT a personal trainer/ PTI so all advice is given/ taken at your own risk) :)
  10. Thanks guys!
  11. Feck me!!! according to that chart i am an athlete :?

    However my BMI suggests i am not just overweight but obese :?
  12. You max heart rate is what it is! 220 less your age will get you a rough idea but you really need do a V2o max test (i think its called). You cannot damage yourself or cause yourself any harm by exercising at your max rate (unless you have some other underlying medical problem). You won't be able to sustatain it for very long however!