Heart Rate Monitors

I am trying to find a heart rate monitor that works without a chest strap; anyone know of any that are less than £50?
Just out of interest, why don't you want a chest strap? Personally I find having to interrupt normal running to put your fingers on the watch is a pain, and it buggers up your readings by not having a continuous feed.

Anyway this website is really good for sourcing HRM's, they do a section for strapless ones linky

There seem to be a few under £50.
Its a good idea to get the make that your gym machines will support. usually Pulsar.

also, just get the cheapest one in the range. You'll find that the actual heart rate monitor is the same if you pay £15 or £50, you just get a better watch with the more expensive ones.
Check the prices HERE before buying.

I've had 3 from there now.

Only place that discounts Polar, as Polar wont supply to shops that will discount.


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