Heart Rate Monitors

Been thinking of investing in a heart rate monitor. Can anybody give advice on which one to go for? Don't really want to spend too much on one.

Any advice appreciated.
Polar monitor.
How much are you willing to spend?

I've got a cheapo from Lidl which seems to do everything I need it for.

It only cost about 15 quid, but if you fancy something a bit more up-market you can pay over 100 for something with all sorts of techno gimmicry.
I'd probably recommend a fairly basic one unless you are looking to do some very complicated training.

Provided you can set heart rate limits (upper and lower) this is about all you need. This will allow you to run at your aerobic rate, do 'threshold' runs at your anaerobic capacity and also monitor your recoveries. This is pretty much all most people will need one for.

You should be able to achieve all this for not too much cash.

I'd second Bossdog and say have a look at Polar.
Just want to use it for running in the target heart rate zones, don't really want anything fancy, as long as it does the job.


Polar do some really good entry level models for quite cheep prices, not only are Polar one of the best makes on the market but they are also compatable with most gym CV equipment, ideal if you do cross training.

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