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Got one of the F6's for £40 which wernt bad considering argos are doing them for nearer £70. Took me 2 fukcin hours to get that barstard sonic link function to transfer my data to the pc. Anybody got one? Have same problems? Think their any good?
I'd like to get a heart rate monitor too but unsure which is a good one, any help? recommend a decent one on a budget too :wink: got about £30-40
Dolphin Price

http://www.dolphinfitness.co.uk/en/polar-f6-heart-rate-monitor/280?gclid=CLOBy4rCmJkCFQ6vQwodJFzIZg £50

Argos Price

http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/0107154/Trail/searchtext>POLAR.htm £70


So pick the cheap one obviously.
Its good for what i want it for which is getting fit running.
There is also training programs online you can use and also send your data from your workouts to the polar website to keep track which is very good if you have more success than me with the sonic link (think i got the hang of it now though).

Only thing is though my mrs thinks im a c0ck walking around with the chest strap on and i have a slight pain in my neck from constantly looking at the fookin thing while running. Its my new toy, novety will soon wear off.
carlbcfc said:
Got one of the F6's for £40 which wernt bad considering argos are doing them for nearer £70. Took me 2 fukcin hours to get that barstard sonic link function to transfer my data to the pc. Anybody got one? Have same problems? Think their any good?
Hi carlbcfc,
I've got one and I think it's an excellent training aid. I strap mine onto the bar of my cross trainer which prevents the neck pain you mention in your other post.
Some good info on the polar site about uploading the data to your PC. See HERE
After a bit of consideration on what I wanted I bought the Garmin forerunner 50. It has few features but from the reviews I read on amazon it seemed reliable.

Just test ran with it and so far its toffee, usually about 50 bpm out compared to a manual test. Still going to test and adjust the positioning of the sensor before completely condemning it.
The absolutely best HRM is the Garmin 305 http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000FMQ296/?tag=armrumser-21

This thing is brilliant. It's a HRM with an integrated GPS so you don't have to guess how far you've run. If you then download SportTracks (because the bundled software is crap) it will download a google map and trace you running route out for you. If it's a regular route you run (I'm training for a mixed road/mountain 15km) then you can set it up to race against your best last time. Where this is clever is that your virtual competitor (i.e. you) slows down where you slowed down and so you really are racing an exact recording of yourself. In this mode it tells you how far you are ahead or behind and the screen turns black if you're behind and white if you're ahead for a quick glance.

Now you may be tempted to go for the garmin 405 which looks a bit more like a normal watch but my advice is don't. It uses an ipod style wheel around the face to navigate menus and is too fiddly when you're running. The 305 has robust chunky buttons and a good screen which can be set up to display whatever parameters you want, e.g. time, time of day, distance, HR zone, elevation, calories burnt etc with up to 4 of these fields on a single screen and 3 screens that you can flick thru on the run. If you get lost you can go into Nav mode and it will give you steers back to base. both it and the 405 have a 3 hour battery life so you won't want to use it all the time as a watch like you do with the Polars.

Both I and Mrs Robin have one and it really is the bollocks. SportTracks allows you to track your progress over time as well as track your weight, body fat, calories etc. and its free. You can then look at the elevation profile you've just run. It also works on a bike although I've not used it that way yet.

I find it a great tool for training because I can see my progress over weeks. I also use www.Nutracheck.co.uk to track the calories that I'm shoving down my grid - and it's not a pretty sight after all the guinness yesterday!

In fact, these tools are so useful I'm going to start a thread where we can share any top tips like that....
Ive got the polar F4. Does all i need upper and lower limits, average heart rate , max heart rate, calories burnt, And also tells the time. If you need to find out how far you have run go on to map my run .com put in your post code and plot your route. Simple. Saves faffing with footpods which can be dodgy.
carlbcfc said:
Got one of the F6's for £40 which wernt bad considering argos are doing them for nearer £70. Took me 2 fukcin hours to get that barstard sonic link function to transfer my data to the pc. Anybody got one? Have same problems? Think their any good?

i got the f6 aswell, i've been using it now for 2 years and all in all its not a bad bit of kit, does most things i want it to, quite like using the ownzone bit on there as it does a test each time you use it to get the hr at the best levels for you on the day, and that once you're running if you find the zone you're in is too easy/hard or if you're doing interval training, you can change the hr zone easily without having to stop and start again.
only gripe is that i have never, ever once got the sonic uplink to work, but i found that if you're using the polar personal trainer it's just as easy to type all the data straight into the site.
Just posted my first road run using my new F6. I usually use the treadmill but now probably wont go back.


The SonicLink mate...took me ages. Right click your speaker in bottom right corner of screen...recording devices, then turn up your mic and boost it in the properties. I find the back of the watch about an inch away works. Sometimes takes 1 or 2 times. Failing that do what i did...go to £land and get a cheap £1 mic...works great
press ok,
hr limits,
then choose light, moderate or hard, the watch will then go back to start/settings, press start, it then does a test for 5 min broken up in 1 min bits from when press start you need to walk slow for the first min, then normal speed walk, then fast walk, then gentle jog, then medium run.
in between each minute it will give a short beep to let you know you're going to the next bit, and when it gets to the end of the test you'll get a longer beep, if you look at the screen at this point it'll briefly show the hr range it chose. NOTE: the test will not always last for the full 5 min sometimes it makes it's mind up earlier.
whilst you are running if you want to change the volume of the watch beeps or the hr zone, just press and hold the ok button whilst you're running and a menu will come up letting you change settings, and if you change the hr zone it'll go straight to it, you don't do the test again as it uses the info it got from the test at the beginning
hahaha, i know it seems odd but that is managed by 102% being of what your supposed max hr is based on 220 minus your age, whilst this is general way of working out your max hr it is only really a guidline, as the true figure varies depending on a number of factors including fitness, health etc of an individual, hence why on the other thread my max was 103% - 206bpm yet supposedly my max hr should be only 189! this is also why i use the ownzone on the f6 as it sort of ignores/adjusts the mhr (220-age) to suit the user
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