Heart Rate Monitors - PC compatible all singing all dancing.


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Mrs BA wants an all singing, all dancing PC compatible heart rate monitor/training computer does anyone have any recommendations either for what is the mut's nuts or what is just a dog.
Always liked my Polar. It has a weird interface to the PC which accesses the computer through the mic., but it works well once you're used to it.

It doesn't have mapping but so long as you know the length of the run it provides the information you need.


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BuggerAll said:
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I use a Garmin Forerunner 305...


You go for a run - dock it with your PC, it tells you where you went (on Google Earth), how long, what the ticker was up to, all sorts...

I've just looked at the Forerunner 305 and 405 both look like the mut's bits.
Depends on the price and what else she wants to do with it, but look up the forerunner 310 xt.

It's taken the best features of the 305 and 405 and made them waterproof. Neither of those models take into account calorie burn based on HR for example, the 310 does. However it is £250-£300.
I personally have a 305 and think it's excellent, however I never link it up to the PC (the metal contacts on the 205 and 305 are an issue after a few months in that you can't get the data off the thing, which is why the ANT technology is good).

Another option for you: http://www.wired.com/reviews/product/Polar_RS800CX

Very well regarded and from all accounts a computer on your wrist.
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