Heart Rate Monitor - Recommendations please

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by chasndave, Aug 14, 2010.

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  1. Ladies / Gents

    A request for advice, directed at those racing snake / PTI types, or indeed those who run recreationally and use a Heart Rate Monitor regularly.

    My old HRM (Polar T61 I think) is on it's way out. It's about 10 yrs old right enough, and has done me OK over the years. Sent back to the manufacturers once due to the watch face "blacking out" but never mind. Anyway, I have decided to shell out for a new one - what do those in the know recommend? Ideally I'd like to spend £60-80ish, and my own minimal research leaves me in favour of the Polar RS100.

    Link - Polar RS100 Running Heart Rate Watch Monitor (2009)

    Any sensible advice gratefully received

  2. Go for a Garmin Forerunner 305


    My missus bought one a few months back and it's brilliant (I borrow it all the time!). It costs a bit over your price range, but is a very versatile bit of kit indeed.
  3. Yep I'm with TT on this one. I use a Garmin 305 and it's the db's. That said it's the first one I've used so nothing to compare it to.
  4. Just to add, the GPS and upload data to laptop facilities are really useful as well as heartrate/zone training.
  5. I have an RS100 and it's great and in your price bracket, especially If you don't need any of those gucci features like GPS and computer upload/download capability. You're always going to get the split of people who are in the pro Garmin / Polar factor. It's a good reasonably priced bit of kit that has most of the tools needed for the average runner.
  6. If you just want to measure your heartbeat, then a cheap (GBP 20) monitor does fine. If you want to measure distance, location, speed etc then by all means go for garmin.

    Personally, I just use the heart rate monitor, stopwatch and known route. I can't send a report to my friends to show off though.
  7. I've got a Suunto T3 Brilliant bit of kit with GPS, bike and running accessories.
  8. I was the same until I tried the Garmin. The fact that you can extend routes or try new routes on the spur of the moment, see your current speed, average speed, heartrate etc. while running is a major plus. Once you're home you can send it to your PC and then see speed, heartrate, gradiant, etc. as well as being able to see your see your route in 3d with Google maps. I'm a convert!
  9. FFS.. your excersising your brain more than your body arent you ?
  10. I tend to stick with what my first coach told me; buy the cheapest HRM you can afford. Bottom of the range Polar is the way ahead. Save your money and buy decent shoes.

    Do you know how to use a HRM?
  11. I've got a fair idea, given as I've used my last Polar (on & off,admittedly!) for the past 10yrs.

    Thanks to all who've contributed, your replies have been v helpful. To those in the Garmin gang - having checked one out I can see why you're so keen but for what I use an HRM for £200 is a bit OTT; I think I'll stick with my original plan of the Polar RS100.

  12. Polar are pretty good.

    I got a second hand 305 off fleabay for £90 a couple of years ago. Couldn't get the data off, but it did a good job keeping a track of speeds and recovery for me.
    I upgraded to the 310xt from new as a present to myself a couple of weeks ago. Very good device, but £235 with the HRM belt.
  13. The Garmin Forerunner is a wonderful monitor to use. Certainly up there with the Polar ones.