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Robber's dad slams 'rough arrest'

POLICE have dismissed complaints from the father of an armed robber over the `force' used by officers who arrested his son.

Michael Burke, 28, of Winster Avenue, Stretford, was part of a gang that brandished a Samurai sword and hammer as they tried to smash their way into a jeweller's.

They terrified staff and customers before police, who had been lying in wait after a tip-off, swooped and sprayed three of the gang with CS gas.


The sentence was too harsh? My arrse! Diddums got nowhere near enough - pity they didn't do it in Downtown Fort Worth/Dallas - they cops would have given them the death sentence. :twisted:
Officers then broke the car's windows with axes before hauling the gang on to the pavement. The armed officers - wearing gas masks - then disabled the trio using CS spray.
Good work plod! I wish there was video of this... Nice to think of the thieving scum sh!ting themselves as the axes went through the windows.


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Going armed with a large edged weapon is enough to get you a brief perforating interface with a 7.62mm or similar.

He should be thankful that his waste of skin son is still drawing Her Majesty's good oxygen.


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This is appalling! A total miscarriage of justice. What proof was there that these young lads were violent and criminal? They could merely have been taking a treasured antique sword into the shop to have it restored and refurbished, then the vicious thugs of Gordon Brown's secret police, his own STASI wantonly damged thecar belonging to these young men. They crashed into their car, obviously because of a combination of drink, drugs, doughnuts and inattention and to compound their wantoness, attacked these terrified and vulnerable young people with axes and a noxious gas. And, to cover up their own failings and criminal acts, they falsley arrested and charged these young boys, and perjured themselves in a court of law. No wonder that the public have no faith in the police.
Would the son loving daddy have been so understanding had his son slashed some poor jewelry worker with sword or hammer?

Would he have dragged the little sh1t round to the cop shop by the scruff of the neck after delivering a sound thrashing?

No, that's why he got a faceful of CS.... only a shame it wasn't acid.


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Supt Mike Freeman said: "Mr Burke's son is a convicted armed robber who is clearly capable of extreme violence.

"We have arrest strategies to deal with people like this and we make no apology for using an acceptable level of force to take violent people off the streets.

"We have not received a complaint from Mr Burke or his son about the manner of his arrest. If they have a complaint, there is a statutory complaints procedure they can go through."
Diplomatic Dibble-speak for "do one you tube".


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Did anyone think to shout " you are surrounded by armed bastards"
the_boy_syrup said:
Did anyone think to shout " you are surrounded by armed bastards"
No but I beleive the following was heard....

"Today my friend, your diary entry will read, tried to rob a jewelers, and had CS sprayed in my face by three armed bastards."
In SA they would have ust been shot.
Bouillabaisse said:
But presumeably in SA they would also have had guns, not a sword?
Quite true, it's all about proportional use of force. The police should have beheaded them with sabres instead.

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