my nephew has applied to join the army and got deferred at selection for a heart murmur he went to the hospital yesterday and found he actually does has a heart murmur. Does this ban him from service? I cant even remember having my heart checked at my selection, but that was ages ago???

Not automatically, it depends on whether it is of functional significance, there are a lot of soldiers with minor heart murmurs.
he has a whole in one of his valves (contigenal valvulr...) and from what i can see is very fit and never had any problems? I havent ever heard of this heart murmur business and i'm still in!!!
sometimes under stressful conditions, ie hot & physically demanding work the condition can become worse. Get it checked out fully, will probably involve an echocardiogram, poss chest x ray & ultrasound. If he's not fit to join, he's not fit. It's all about risk management etc etc.
I'd echo Booboos commentary - it's about risk management and the risk of his in an extremely stressful situation having a tachycardia or arrythmia (rate MY spelling ;)) that can be the precursor to an MI.

Best to get it fully checked out, with ECG as necessary, and if he isn't fit, I'm sorry, but he isn't fit.
I have a ventricular septal defect, and I was allowed to start at RMAS. Prior to that I had done 3 years in the RNR. This RCB pass was contingent upon an in-depth medical by the Army's senior cardiologist at a London hospital. After a day of testing I was classed as fit to join. However my VSD had almost closed over, and was of no functional significance.
Needs to be checked out as heart murmur can cover a multiple of things.
From being just an oddity to heralding something serious .
He has a whole in only one of his valves and has supposedly had it since birth but never known about it, the hospital said he can leave a normal life and still push himself to the limit fitness wise but they were unsure about the army's requiremnts on these matters??? The army said he'll know if he's in within 48 hrs, im very apprehensive!
He doesn't have congenital heart disease, but a congenital heart defect. He's too young to have diseased valves, disease would be athersclerosis or bacterial infection.

It's impossible to say I'm afraid. I would imagine the army would want their cardiologists to either examine his notes from the hospital or else perform their own testing (or both).

I couldn't say what the army's policies or guidelines are on this, it's their decision I'm afraid.

But what he was told in hospital is encouraging, in that it most likely wont affect his ability to be physically active. Generally if it was he would have had symptoms by now. It sounds like it is a minor defect.

I'm afraid that no-body here can really tell you one way or another, as we don't know the details (and also I would imagine the cardiologists among us are few and far between!). I hope he does get in, if not though the news isn't too bad.
Thanks, you've informed me better. My nephew's explanation sounded like he was gonna die! At least you've reassured me and the family.

I'd really like him to join, best thing i ever did. He'd be really gutted because he was really suited to it, had the right attitude as well.
Glad to have helped (med school wasn't a waste after all!)

Many people walk around with heart murmers without ever knowing about it. It's only becuase your nephew has had a thorough medical that it has been picked up.
onceagrdsmnalwaysagrdsmn, werent you kicked off this site a few weeks ago for being a walting cnut?
I had the same problem when I came to join up. I went to the nearest military hospital about a month after getting deferred and had an ECG. Everything came up fine so I assumed no heart mumur. A few months ago I had to go to the RRU and I had to take my med docs with me. I found out I do have a heart murmur but it wasn't considered serious enough to bar me from joining. Good luck to your nephew.

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