Heart murmur..

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by djnath-g, Jun 10, 2008.

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  1. right, i'm kinda s..ttin meself at the min, ive gotta heart murmur and ive read quite a lot of stuff sayin about people not gettin into the army because of heart murmurs, whats the odds of me not gettin in because of it?
  2. Well, before you go to the ADSC, make sure you drink loads of caffeine.

    Smash some red bulls down ya.

    Then you're sure to pass... from what I've heard anyway.
  3. lol, why whats that do to help mate, it beats fine no problem with it, but the DR said i have one so i must do lol
  4. What are the odds? Ladbrookes do odds.
    ffs they don't throw a pair of dice and ask you to guess the number, it all depends on the severity of the condition. A severe condition = a severe chance (ie 100%) that you'll not be accepted.

    Ask your Dr. (if he throws dice, or phones the bookies then its time to get a new GP)
  5. haha your a funny guy aint ya, ya mug, go do yourself a favour and dont reply unuseful shit
  6. Djnath-g, just a few points for you to note. Do not ever use bl00dy text speek, use the Queens English. This first point will help you a lot because us grown up's on here still use it. Also there are users here that you may well come across before and during your career if you are lucky engough to get one. And we will foreget more than you will ever learn about the army. so be a big man, do yourself a favour and wind your neck in!

    Or as your user name states become a dj!

    Rant over!

  7. i don't use text speech, so i don't have a clue what your on about lol, and i don't think i got what your comment meant mate lol
  8. Then you'd better ignore all the other advice you have been given here, Oh yes you've already done that on the other thread....

    Do yourself a favour and read the other threads on this very subject, and maybe even the thread about heart disorders.. Yes, the one I started with all the information that anyone would need about cardiovascular disorders.

    Now off you trot and let the adults talk..

    edited to add - thanks for the shitlist BFG, I won't accidentally read any of this fools dribble anymore.
  9. 2 points mate..

    1 - your thread (if its the one i think it is) didn't help one bit.
    2 - i have better stuff to do than to search for shit, id rather just ask
  10. Read my bold below, this text/chav/mong spelling gets on peoples t!ts on here.

    As tops wrote, it depends on how severe the condition is.

  11. no...

    txt sp33ch iz dis g4y sh1t lke dis

    im just usin slang and real english

    and yeah im gunna just wait on and find out if i can get in with it or not, cause like you've said it depends on how servere it is
  12. No you wont get in, now fcukoff. :wink:
  13. I was DEFERED from selection for a heart murmur, its not a FAIL. Although if you already have it diagnosed as an innocent murmur by a specialist I see no reason why you shouldn't pass selection. I got defered for mine, was sent to the hospital the very next day to see specialist and it was diagnosed as innocent. So its nothing to worry about. That is, unless you have a heart murmur because of a cardiovascular diease which may require further investigation. Do you know what type of murmur it is?
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