heart murmur

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bruffy11, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. hi i woz just wondering if i could get in the army if i have a heart murmur??? wb asap cheers
  2. Depends on the type, but yes.
  3. one oh the lassie that was on my seletion was defered the 1st time because of a heart murmer thingy but made it through the second time no probs
  4. kool think i should be ok then,any idea how long it wil take to go bak to selection if i get defered?
  5. Mate I have an AV block and I have no problems mate.
  6. A heart murmour can SUGGEST that you have a heart problem, most murmours are "innocent" Ie. no problem whatsoever, you need to get yourself up to London for testing I believe, you probably will be deferred and given your ticket to London or however it works.
  7. Yeah there are 12 University Hospitals across the UK which have a Cardiology Specialist unit inside, I got defeerred 1st Oct because of a murmur, but they sent me to University Hospital in wales and had it cheched out... All was fine! So I'm pretty happy that i know ill 100% pass selection again 29th Oct when im sent back :) Nothing to worry about Bruffy, almost 100% of Murmurs are innocent!
  8. By the way this isn't bebo Aka. Chav Central, WB etc.. lol :p
  9. wikd wel thanks for all ur help guys!should be goin selection centre within 3-4 weeks! :) joinin paras!!!best reg! :p thanks alot
  10. I was defferred for a heart murmur first time iw went to glencourse, I passed 2nd time, good louck mate.
  11. I know two guys who had heart murmers. Medical staff sent them for some extra checks and both got in no probs. Good luck!

  12. It may be worth going to your GP and getting an echo cardiogram done ASAP. My GP did this for me and I turned up with the results. It saves getting sent home to have the procedure done. You'll need a very good GP but if you explain what this means to you I'm pretty sure they'll pull out all the stops for you - worth a try anyway.
  13. Heart murmers not a problem just finished 24 years in Army and was diagnosed with a heart murmer prior to joining.
    Only thing that may be a problem is that after I had been allez uber der platz by plane/train and automobile they decided that I should not really have flown in helicopters for some reason (never stopped me) was something about a poss of increased risks when flying.
    Maybe something to think about with being a Para
  14. It totally depends on the type of murmer. Usually in a young fit person they are flow murmers which means a very healthy heart pumping the blood round in a very fit body. I've heard that most top athletes have them?? (typical - the heart of an athlete but not the body:) )

    It's really a case of getting the medical, being reffered for an echo (if you haven't already had one done), then if all is OK crack on with the training.
  15. Just got back from Pirbright. Failed medical with heart murmur got appointment in London Thursday. What a bitch lol.