heart murmur - pre selection checkup

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by stvwardy, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. anyone think its wise?

    ive heard of plenty of people having been deferred for Heart Murmurs, and i thought i'd prempt being sent home if i have one, by having my local GP do a checkup and medical report, that i could take with me to selection, incase i do get deferred,

    anyone think this is a good idea, i thought it showed my will to force my way in as quick as possible {in a non sexual sense}

    cheers for the replies!!!!
  2. Not 100% sure, but for my deferral I had to go and see a military appointed doctor for the two required tests, so I wouldn't have thought so!?
  3. Unless you know you have a Heart Murmur, why ask for an ECG to be done? Stop worrying, just go and you will be fine!!!
  4. Its quite common, you will probably get refered for a checkup thats all, dont worry about it. I had a heart operation, was refered on 2 things i think. Sent me off to a hospital was in there literally 20 mins, sorted.
  5. If you where diagnosed when you were a kid the chances are your have grown out of it. Nothing to\ worry about.
  6. Just got mine cleared yesterday, yeah to clear this one up-
    Last year my father had to do exactly the same tests too check his heart and had to wait 6months for an appointment through the non-invasive cardio section wheras I was deffered and got a check up within the week. So yeah probably pointless but doubt you could get an appointment quick enough anyway, its not your GP who does a check up, need to go to the hospital to get it all sorted.