heart murmur failure

had a specialist appoint 3 weeks ago, to check on my heart murmur they found at selection.
He told me it was quite serious but the army should still accept me.

3 weeks on i have heard nothing. I have phoned up once already and was just told to sit tight and wait.

Does anyone have any experience in this field? Its just longer it goes on, more and more i am expecting bad news.


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It took 2 weeks for me to hear back from ACIO after my appointment, but mine was straight forward. If you've been told to hang on and wait, then I'm afraid, thats all you can do.
You have quite a serious heart murmer, what exactly is it a Systolic or Diastolic or Continuous?? What has he said regarding treatment, as i do think that a serious heart murmer if you have as you say your Doctor says, will stop you from joining.

Suprised he said its serious but still wont stop you joining?
Yes, Just sit and wait! The doctor has to write your results and send them to the ADSC SMO, He will then sit through it and make a decision on your suitability for service on the specialists notes. Once that is done he will send out a letter to AFCO/ACIO Concerned to let them know that you are fit to attend.
I also had a heart murmur detected at selection and had to go down to Guys hospital in London for an appointment with a cardiologist. It took a few months for the appointment date to come through if I remember rightly but I was allowed to join, as were quite a few other people I have met through the years. It seems heart murmurs are pretty common and rarely stop people joining but they need to be checked out to make sure. Good luck.

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