Heart Murmur at ADSC

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Soozi, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    I got deferred last week with the infamous heart murmur and I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea how long it usually takes to get a new date booked at ADSC? I have had the tests done, but not heard anything back yet - any ideas? (Am I being a bit impatient after only a week?)


  2. It normally takes about a week to get your results back to ADSC followed by about another few days for them to update the system and put your computer records back to the ACIO. Allocations should then get you back and book you on the next available ADSC so be prepared to go any time in the next few weeks.
    When you go next you dont have to have the full medical and will just do all the other two day selection activities. Good luck.
  3. Were you still wearing that PVC nurses outfit? I don't reckon you failed, they just want you back for some, erm, further testing!
  4. Thanks The_IRON - I guess I'll just have to hang on til I hear something!! - Good to know a time scale though.

    Hahaha, zxninerpilot - no, they made me take it off........
  6. meh went to pirbright yesterday, did the maths test got 40, then got deffered for heart murmur aswell =/ no appointments at soutampton till the 21st tho so i got a little wait anyway =/ Also had trouble with blood pressure, took alot of tries to get it under 140, lol I get nervous and it rockets :p

    But yeah the RSM just said on the plus it means apart from the murmur im A-OK then when im back I wont need to do the medical or the maths test again =)

    All in all - Devastated, had a week of troubled sleep looking forward to it, then a train at 6:30am pulling my holdall and a suit bag, got there just to stand around for bloody ages, then back to the trainstation for the reverse trip :(

    whats worse is the bus back to the trainstation was with the group before who just finished and all passed so they wer all celebrating on the bus... BASTARDS!!
  7. I know that feeling - exactly the same thing!

    Thats a long wait for the test isn't it? I got deferred on the Thursday, and had an appointment on Monday for the ECG and Ultrasound! Guess Im just lucky!

    Best of luck to you though, for next time!
  8. Meh yeah a bit of a pain :s didnt know you actually had to wait for the results? Also what exactly are the tests? Not bounce around naked agen i hope -.-
  9. Hahaha, no - there's no duck walking or anything like that!!! (But you will be topless for the tests).

    The ECG is where they apply pads to your legs, arms and chest, then take electronic readings. Then the ultrasound is where they apply some gel to a handheld wand and read your heart (the same as the test that pregnant women have when they go for a scan). You see your heart on the monitor, and at various points get to hear it. Its virtually pain free, and takes about 15 minutes all in.

    I think you normally get told on the day, but the doctor I was meant to see had to be called away to an emergency and was meant to ring me on Tuesday - not heard a word yet though! The guy who did the test said he felt all was well, but the doctor had to look at all the graphs to confirm.

    Just be aware that the doctor can't say yes or no, that decision lies with the ADSC!
  10. Oh right, thanks for all the info - its just a real pain in the arse is all, sow hats this virtually pain free eh? whats the painful part? I just have this thing with hospitals heh :p You should chase them up, doctors often need a good kick up the back-side :)

    Well goodluck with your application and thanks for all your advice :)
  11. I experienced a little bit of pain at one point during the ultrasound - they go at your heart from 4 points - but I'm not sure if thats because I'm female (if you know what I mean?)!!!!
    It really is nothing to worry about though - finding the hospital and then the department was the biggest problem!

    I'm gonna ring the ACIO this afternoon and see if they can get in touch with ADSC for me, to find out if the doc has submitted his report yet (apparently they should receive it within 24hours of the test)!
  12. ah right gotcha heh, yeah I cant even stress enough how much I HATE hospitals heh.... mainly because I get reminded of the sweet NHS treatment, sure free but 6month waiting times for things like x-rays aswell as delayed appointments by months on end, stupidly laid out hospitals so you just cant find what you need and best of all after your appointment being 12hours late, spending 10mins with a doctor you get back to your car to find a £60 parking fine cos ur pay and display ran out 5mins ago....
  13. Well, I've just had the all clear - going back to ADSC next week, and yesterday had my fastest run yet!!

    Hopefully this time it'll come together like a well oiled plan!
  14. At least this time you dont have the medical and know what the place is like so wont be as worried. Good luck, put in 100% and enjoy it aswell.
  15. Cheers - you're right about being less worried, I feel so much more at ease with going this time round! I can actually concentrate on the important stuff, rather than 'where do I go when I get off the train!'.

    Suprisingly makes a big difference.