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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by vmech, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. hi gents thinking of buying a heart monitor am i right in thinking that these work on all cardio machines if so can any one reccomend one . i am only asking as the ones at my units gym have gone walkies .cheers gents
  2. cheers amph
  3. Buy the cheapest HRM you can afford.
  4. I would agree with Dragstrip if all you are going to do is simply monitor your HR zones; however, If you are going to analyse your results more in depth and use it as a real training tool, then there is something to be said for getting a more expensive one (that uploads to a PC training tool etc). Polar do a wide range as do Garmin. I use polar but might switch to Garmin next time because of the GPS facility(although Polar also have a unit that has this built in).

    In short, look at what you will be using it for and possibly, what you extra features you might well use in future, before you buy :)
  5. Depends what you want it for.

    If you're just trying to find out your HR there and then to keep in a range, yeah, get a cheapo one (but not too cheap as the ability to read a HR can vary by like 20bpm in the cheapest ones).
    If you want to use it for training goal, like running, a gsp one would do you well.
    If you want it to help you with intervals (like power based work), a decent HR monitor is what you'd need.

    I bought a forerunner 305 off ebay in September 2008 for £90 and has gps for the running and split times etc, but also is very good at intervals and what not (simple, advanced and for running, again a previous course).
    Have a look around and work out what you want it for.
  6. thanks lads i only want it to monitor my cardio zone and lose a few more pounds try and get down to my fighting weight .once again thanks
  7. For £152 get a garmin fell runner.

    Has GPS to tell you exactly how far you've gone and a heart rate monitor to measure bpm in several zones.

    Set up and monitoring of progress via laptop.

    A dongle on your trainers allows non gps working. ie in a gym.

    At amazon, this was down to a £123 not long ago.
  8. I got a cheap Polar one off ebay. Does the job well enough.
  9. For that, yeah, a cheap one (about £30) would do you
  10. You mean a forerunner right?