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Right im a non smoker drink aboutt 2 pints a month and up till a few months ago did regular excercise.
I was under investigation for an erratic heart beat and had an angiogram last monday to find out which vessels were going to be zapped to put it back into rythym, imagine my suprise to be told my main artery is comleteley blocked and my other two were on there way. Bad luck says the consultant , 42 years old and possibly only a couple of weeks away from a fatal heart attack, im having angioplasty on monday as an urgurnt case which will sort things out for a while, but the depressing thing is it will happen again they cant stop it only slow it. The end result 10 years of my life, what im saying is all you guys and girls that have retired for fucks sake get regular check ups, i consider myself very lucky to be here but unlucky to live a healthy lifestyle not smoke but still get hesrt disease.
If you feel the odd flutter or pain get it checked out dont ignore it like i did
God is indeed cruel !!!, Me I drink for england, am 48 and 20 stone 6'3' and last exercised christ knows when, although never smoked, 2 ex wifes and 3 kids all demanding, just been declared bankrupt and in a C**P job stress tell me about it !!. So it came as no supprise when the other week I dropped like a stone clutching my chest thinking that was it, all the symptoms, turned grey, sweated like a pig and lost the use of my left arm. I lay there, contemplating the error of my ways, memories of all those boozed up nights in Germany and far to many Naffi anti personnel pies!! all came flooding back, all this lasted about 20 mins by which time someone had come into the stores and saw me not looking to healthy.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I just came back from extensive tests at Ipswich hospital, and along with tests my doc has carried out, it seems that My heart, cholestral, liver, Kidneys, prostate, (you name it I had it), are fine and dandy, nobody more shocked that me I can tell you. although I suspect the doc was a bit shocked too ( seems my back could be the causes of all it all !!!) .

Heart disease or heart attacks, seem to not to follow logic, just coz your a Fat couch potatoe does not mean you are going to have one ( although increased chances I agree) nor does it follow that super fit types are immune.

As DieHard says ignore nothing no matter what age or life style coz belive me when your on the floor clutching your chest, your life does flash past you, as for me the last week was hell waiting, has my life been turned around, you bet, big style, so if you see a fat twat waddling round the roads of Suffolk dont laugh he's making an effort!!!!.

DieHard, good luck on your treatment and recovery

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