heart condition discharge under medical grounds

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by pancrock, May 1, 2013.

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Im after some help and advise. I've not long undergone an operation to have a heart valve replacement (mechanical valve fitted). I am now on warfarin tablets for the rest of my life and have to have regular blood tests to check my INR levels. This was picked up during my two day selection as a minor heart reflux which i was not told about I was just cleared to join the army and that it was a heart murmur. Over my 10 year service I have been to medical center's lots of times saying about chest pains. I have also been a PTI for 6 years and have been medically cleared over the years for lots of other courses. Late last year this was picked up as a major thing and that I would need the operation to save my life because without the operation I would of only had approx 5 years. I have been told that this is a birth defect but think that army life wear and tear has made it worse over the years and also why hasn't it been monitored or picked up sooner.
    I have now been told that I am going to be discharged under medical grounds pap 10 p7 I think this should be a full medical discharge p8.
    Im after advice on what would be the correct course of action with evidence to back it up and also what I might be entitled to financially.
    I have also been told that if this was picked up earlier it might of been repaired and would not be on the warfarin or need the mechanical device till later on in my life. I am in my early 30's and think that this will now restrict me to certain employment when I get out the army.
    I have gone on a bit because I want to be able to put the full events down to get the best possible answers to help me get the best possible outcome.
    thank you for reading and will look forward to any help or advice.
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    Well he's only got one of them, he's not a Time Lord.
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    I thought it was quite funny.
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  14. Let me get this straight.

    The Army figured out that you have a medical condition, and in doing so saved your life. In return, you accuse them of not picking it up sooner and demand that they pay you.

    Unless the condition really was worsened by your service and the people who cleared you countless times were negligent (rather than the condition simply being difficult to detect) then my advice is to be grateful for the second chance and crack on with life.
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  15. thank you