Heart Attack

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by duffy, Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. :x Bassingbourn 1983 4 weeks into our training and yet another endurance run, but this time with a differance. One young lad fell to the floor holding his chest in agony very pale, short breath,cold sweat. Platton sgt runs over starts screaming at him to get up, when he does'nt get up the sgt ( you know who you are and i hope you suffered in colli ) , who madepol pot look like a saint, and starts kicking him . we all stand thier gobsmacked because by this time he had stopped breathing and his heart had stopped. but by some strange miracle one of the kicks hit his chest and he jolts back with us. Realizing he has gone to far my oppo and me are ordered to take him to mrc , where he was sent direct to hospital.

    He recovered to a life as a civvie, somehow it had been missed out he had heart surgery when he was 15 ( we all wondered what the big scar was, but thought it was from a fight).

    The platoon sgt in his pathetic defence said he was trying to restart his heart with the sole of his boot.
    With his record he was sent to colchester. Out of the 38 of us who started only 8 passed out [align=justify][/align]
  2. Good old days.
  3. Try telling kids that today, they wont believe you...
  4. Thumping the chest is a medical treatment for an observed heart failure. The poor sgt. seems to have been hard done by. He should have been given an humanitarian type medal.
  5. Was once on a Para drop(night one),bloke broke his leg.He naturally ended up shouting for help__OC junior command course,(they were on an ambush exercise)appears,starts ranting,asking if area was booked and telling injured geezer to keep quiet --was well upset,didn't give a shit about geezer.Cnut.
  6. Does it matter if it was his boot or his hand, he saved the scrots life?

    He should have stamped on his pods before dropping a roof tile on his head for dropping out :D
  7. Don't joke about it you bstards, one day it'll happe
  8. Pre-RCB 1978, a VERY young Cuddles breaks his ankle in the Dell at Woolwich. PTI beasts proto-Cuddles around rest of assault course despite my complaints. When period finishes and it is time for something fun and involving alcohol and Cuddles is still grimacing in pain, PTI changes tack and insists on seeing PO Cuddles to MI Room. Very nice but obviously gay RAMC Cpl gives PTI a bollocking. Tp Cmd arrives and gives PTI a bollocking. Schools Liaison Officer appears and gives PTI a bollocking. Cuddles shipped off to Woolwich for X-ray, cast et cetera.

    Ten years pass, Capt. Cuddles on UFO course at School of PT. Instructor in first period is same PTI. Recognises me and comes over for some guilty bezzering (like alcoholic bezzering but inspired by guilt). PTI thanks me for not dobbing him in. I say think nothing of it and settle back for week of easy life - no duty student, no unnecessary beastings, lots of help with written work.

    Thing is, it never occured to me to dob him in at tender age of 17 but I wish it had - he cost me a Schools international cap and who knows what else may have come of it...bully.
  9. Cuddles wrote:

    So that's where PTIs learn to be space cadets (I'll get me coat).
  10. tee-hee...did have some fun with that on my PAMPAS. Had the Chief Clerk convinced that I had been on some kind of X-files course for ages!
  11. The Good Old Days when it was the norm to start with 50+ in tarining and go to second phase minus 30+ that started! of course, no recruit would believe these type of figures nowadays...

    Talking of Para Drops, was anyone here on the drop into Kenya with 3 Para (direct from U.K. via Cyprus with full kit!) onto the 5,000ft plateau that caused something like 23%? casualties?!
  12. No, but my lot landed in Nanyuki preparatory to a painfully energetic couple of weeks in the North; waiting to greet us were a couple of busloads (ok, daladalas) of Nairobi painted ladies. We took casualties, as I recall.
  13. Lol, i was there Nov 78 Le Cateau Troop, and your right it was pretty brutal ... :roll:
  14. I can imagine.... what were you thinking about telling a clerk that you had been near files???

    GR ;)
  15. Ah, fond memories of The Dell. Nothing like it, that Death Slide after the obligitory run up Shooters Hill :evil:

    Rose-tinted sunglasses anyone :?: