Heart attack drugs

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by revmodes, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. Some advice needed from hopefully some of the older and bolder among us, as i would hope that the younger ones will not have had any experience of this

    Ok, 18 days ago about 10pm felt a bit tired had been driving for a while and working hard that week, sudden numbness left arm, no pain, ache upto left jaw with a mild pain left upper chest, jaw pain suddenly increases 100%, being in the first responder trade as a volunteer, took 300mg aspirin and dialled the numbers.

    Hospital for 4 days, 2 angiograms, no stents needed all 3 arteries pretty clear, evidence of a clot in one which was flushed.
    So my cholestoral was 3.1,blood sugars 4.2 BMI 20.5 blood pressure 134/86, my problem now is that iam on a shedful of drugs which seem to be the standard cocktail post heart attack, but why blood pressure ,cholestoral etc etc were/ are fine
    so iam feeling like a bag of crap due to the medications? one of the side effects being mega depression coupled with aggression.

    Not due for a review for 4 weeks, in the meantime a lack of comms with the medics,are all of these drugs for life? are the doses flexible? so has anyone else experienced this feeling that maybe all of these chemicals are just a sort of knee jerk cover our arses for any eventuality by the medicos, who did a great job of course, well the wife thinks so
  2. what meds are you actually on? and call your GP's surgery and ask for an appt in the meantime.
  3. Sadly I have too much experience of this subject. Had an MI 7 years ago, angiogramme 3 weeks later which fucked up and stopped my heart when dye put in wrong chamber. Two stents fitted five years later, a further stent fitted in Mar after sufferning from severe palpatations, stented due to a very small narrowing at the top of current stents. Severe angina on Thursday night, angiogramme of Friday (no change since march) awaiting ablation in September to curb palpations which can increase pulse to over 260 beats per min and sends BP through the roof. The bottom line is there is a cocktail of drugs that they will automatically ask you to take. their best advice is given in the hope of keeping you alive but if one or more drug is causing problems for you there are alternatives. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS with each drug and look at side effects. If you think it is causing your problems discuss with GP/cardio doc and change or stop it. Depression is common after an MI or even a near miss. you suddenly realise that this life is not for ever and you can no longer abuse your body as you did as a youth. Go on a cardio rehab course at the local hospital and ask all the questions you have from the professionals. It does get better and can be controlled. Good luck with the future.
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  4. Yes thanks just did that online --------4 days time nearest appt, non urgent.
  5. Get another appointment asap - If the drugs ain't working or have side effects then you need to speak to a quack asap.

    (Aspirin 75mg gastro resistant coating is was what was recommended for me mucker who was a gnats bollock away from a heart attack. Takes one a day and hasn't snuffed it yet and that was over a year ago :) A few lifestyle changes too. But that has kept him off the prescription drugs and loads of doctors notes.)

    Edited to add: Good Luck! Let us know how you get on.
  6. I had serious chest pains some years ago, blues and two's etc.

    Seen Cardio Dept, stress tests etc, etc, given loads of meds felt terrible, similar syptoms to what you described concerning depression and aggresion, seen my own GP who knows me well, situation sorted. Now being regulary monitored.

    You only have one heart go to your surgery first thing tomorrow and DEMAND an appointment with your GP. The meds you are on are causing you a problem therefore it is URGENT.

    Once the meds are squared away thing do get better.

    Good luck.
  7. Are you undergoing Cardiac Rehab? You might get some helpful insight from the cardiac rehab nurses from the hospital you were at, just phone the hospital switchboard tomorrow and they should be able to explain why the various drugs.

    In short although the Beta blockers (atenolol or other drug ending in -lol) is for blood pressure but it also has a benefit in reducing oxygen demand from the heart muscle.

    Perindopril (or other ACE Inhibitor ending in -pril) is another anti-hypertensive (anti-high BP) med which has a beneficial function on left ventricular (the main pumping chamber of your heart) function post-MI

    Simvastatin (or other -statin) is anticholesterol but is proven to reduce future events even with normal cholesterol measurements.

    Aspirin will be there as an antiplatelet to help prevent further clots

    What else are you on?

    As mentioned above feeling down is common post-MI, the Cardiac Nurses will be able to talk to you more about this.
  8. Unfortunately, I have experience of MI's as Mrs Fubes had 3 in 07. She was blue lighted in and had stent's fitted within the hour. She is on a cocktail of drugs as yourself and as I understand it, the blood pressure should be 120/80 in a normal healthy adult, and cholesterol is something the consultants home in on no matter the level, not sure why. The wife's cholesterol was high at the time of her MI but not dangerously so, even so she was put on high impact drugs. Blood pressure, they put her on drugs to lower it to reduce the impact on the heart, as the consultant explained it, the heart is a muscle, heart attack or heart disease kills sections of the heart and as such they need to reduce the blood pressure it's dealing with as there is now less functioning muscle.
    Mrs Fubes had a few different combinations of drugs, and like the OP she felt like shit, depressed, angry etc, untill the doc's hit on the right combo for her. Beta Blockers, or **** it all pills, as she calls them work bloody wonders. The roof could fall in and she would sit there and go, oh bugger, best we deal with that then......(while I run round like a headless chicken I might add).
    Anyway, my point is, some drugs work for some, other's for other's. You have to work with your consultant and local GP to get the med's and work out which one's work for you. If you don't tell them the whole truth, they wont consider changing your med's from our experience. The dose's are flexible, normally you get the high knee jerk reaction dose, then they will review and adjust as needed. Are they for life? In a word, Yes. Mrs Fubes is on a handful of tabs a day for the rest of her life, one works for her but has nasty side effects, so another counters those side effects, if that make's sense. Expect a lot of up and down before you find the right combo.
    All the best mate, hope you feel better soon and having been through this as the loving onlooker, your wife need's to sit back every so often and think about her health, its a lot of stress to take on but researching it and understanding the why's, how's, and what to do is a huge piece of mind.
  9. See the GP they might tinker with the doses. The meds will prevent hopefully any further problems. Please ask the GP to explain fully the reason for each drug.
  10. This is the best advice.

    You mucker, have paid for the NHS all your life, DON'T settle for anything less than a first class service.

    You should see some of the old dross from here and all over the world that can't speak a word of English that hasn't paid in like you and gets the best of us (NHS).

    Don't worry, and don't suffer.
  11. Many thanks for all of the advice and good wishes, arranged for the cardio rehab team to visit tomorrow, allayed a few of my fears over the phone and as most of you posters have said the cocktail can/will be adjusted to suit, initially of course it is intended to treat a possible worst case scenario.

    My gp is a top guy, ex RAMC who is totally laid back in fact he passed P Coy whilst asleep, seeing him this p.m. so with a bit of luck the "shock" mentally will wear off a bit over the next few days.
  12. I had 3 stents and on tablets for life now. Main side effect is getting very tired aound 2000hrs, sleep well but up very very early. Docs have tired all forms of changes but it is something I have to live with. Main thing is they keep me alive.
  13. Big Pharma and medical orthodoxy wants to keep something under wraps: Statins can of themselves make you feel like shit: low energy, muscle pains to name but two. They screw around with the production of some pretty key stuff.

    Narrative review: statin-related myopathy. [Ann Intern Med. 2009] - PubMed result

    Because I am of a certain age got dosed up with Statins & Aspirin just because it ticked some boxes I think. Within a week or so felt like shit and got worse. Stopped taking them, things got better

    Back to GP, different Statins. Same shit on stick syndrome again: lethargy, unable to concentrate, low energy, headaches.

    At this point an American friend of mine came to visit. Recounted this tale and he said "Why are you not taking CoQ10? Everybody I know who is on Statins takes it as well."

    Well mainly because I had no idea what it was and nor did my GP. I do now

    Statins: the CoQ10 drain | Health and nutrition articles from Healthspan

    So now I take CoQ10 and Statins with now problem whatsoever.

    You can pay way OTT prices for CoQ10 but I just buy the fizzy soluable ones from Boots.
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  14. It may not have been an MI at all.There are a few other things it "could" have been.Looking at your blood results and BP they dont seem to bad or show any cause for concern.Having said that,i wonder if they did a CK test.Its a cardaic enzyme thats released when myocardial muscle is damaged.Thats usually a definative diagnosis along with ECG changes,but they dont ALWAYS show up right away.One thing it may have been is Coronary Artery Spasm.It mimicks an MI when it happens.I hope you get it sorted and back to full health soon.
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