hi every one

i am from northern ireland and i was just wondering if any one knows what the hearing level "results" are to join up.
i passed my clearance but when i went for my medical i got as far as the hearing test where i was told by the doc that my hearing was bad in the left ear.
is it the end of me trying to join or do i still have a chance
i thought i would be better to ask the people who have been there


Alright mate, what part of the army were you applying for?? Have you been deffered or told that its game over or what? Im not entirely sure, but I think that there is a minimum standard that everyone needs to attain for employment in the army, however I seem to recall that all jobs don't require the same level of hearing, for example, a chef's hearing does not particularly need to be the same as someone working with communication systems. This could be complete b*llocks, but I seem to remember someting like that form when I applied. The best bet would be to find out if your current standard of hearing bars you from the Army completely. The doc who assesed you should be able to give you the definative answer. Good Luck.

Cheers Easy!



Maybe things have changed a bit, but when I was in I lost the hearing in my right ear but still served another five years. However, I was a Medic and I heard a story (unsubstantiated) that a Scaley had the same thing happen to him and was MD'd. So perhaps it does depend on what job you do.

Your best bet would probably be to find out what your options are with your diminished hearing, since it must, in principle, be possible for squaddies to serve with less than 100% hearing, for I did it myself.

hey thanks every one for the replys
i am trying to get in to the TA RLC
the doc said that the hearing in the left ear was bad below the required level but said that he is not failing me straight away he said to get checked by my GP and to see if he can get me in to the ENT that maybe i might need some minor surgery

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