I am currently applying for the reg army. I have served two years with the in the TA with PWRR. During this time my ears have takin a huge battering and my hearing has decressed by a bit and I can also hear ringing in my ears when its quiet.

I have heard, the vibrations from firing the SA-80 go through your cheek bone and into your ear causing damage/trauma. True?

Do the armed forces take much responsibilty for hearing damage and will this affect my application if I have some hearing issues?
the army take responsibility... yeah right :roll:
just take the test and see what happens you wont be able to change the result if your hearings shot its shot,
good luck on the test though. :)
C Fodder

The Occupational Health specialists (within the RAMC and QA) are the best guys to speak to ref hearing probems as they can organise any necessary extra tests or referrals. Apparently there are different types and causes of deafness which the experts can identify and will fix where possible. They will also consider if the damage was caused by MoD work or something else. I believe that, if it can be proven that was caused by MoD, some sort of recompense can be made. But don't quote me!

You are right that damage can be done by vibrations from weapons - but this depends on how much you are firing. I dont know all the details, but again maybe the OH bods could help?

You should have a hearing test as part of your medical (assuming the machine works!). If they do highlight a problem it would be a good time to ask for advice on where to go next.

In the meantime wear any eardefenders/ear plugs provided and protect what's left! :)
don`t worry mate , as long as you have 2 arms,legs etc & aleast 2 brain cells (for infantry) more for Cav! (fox horn blast).They will takle anyone.
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The MOD takes next to no responsibility for Noise Induced Hearing Loss. It has to be pretty severe to qualify for a war pension, >40db loss in one or both ears averaged at the 1, 2 and 3kHz points, and even that is for the minimum payout. On top of that you would have to prove that it was due to service reasons and that there were no other possible causes. I missed out on just one of these points (-30, -40 and -40 in my left ear) and get zip, despite needing to wear a hearing aid.

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