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Hearing tests

You sit in a soundproof box and press a button when you hear an almost inaudible beep in the headphones. After a while, you can hear your pulse. That drowns out the beeps, so you just have to guess.
among_the_living said:
Just wodering, n the medical at RSC what they do on the hearing tests.
Is this a poor attempt at a WAHHHHHHHH??
I applied for the RAF (in haste to join the forces) and had a badly organized hearing test. I wasn't in a soundproof box, I was sat next to a noisy vibrating fridge and was only a few metre's away from a girl crying that she was pregnant (The test was held in a health clinic) I did ask for the test to be performed elsewhere or for the fridge to be switched. Needless to say the nurse was a dizzy tw*t and ignored my plea. I failed.


War Hero
Keep your mouth open when you take the test, you can hear better

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