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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by LadyK, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. I am looking to join the AAC. I am partially deaf in my right ear. I was wondering if anyone knew how well I need to be able to hear in order to pass for the AAC. If I am unable to go into that Corps then does anyone know what I could go for?
  2. say again.
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  3. Pardon?
  4. I'm currently studing to become an audiologist if you tell me what results your most recent audiogram was ( or last) I can tell you a) how deaf you are and b) weather or not they will let you in to the AAC

    P.S funny jokes the whole what and pardon thing..........haven't heard them in oh god at least the last 5 mintues
  5. I'm sorry but are you people for real! What in Gods name would give you the impression that the Armed forces let you in if you were partially deaf. In case you hadn't noticed, we (Army) tend to work around loud noises alot of the time, so it stands to reason that even with the Amplivox (Hearing protection) on there will be some form of deteriation over the period of 20 odd years. Therefore if you have a dodgy ear to start with I can't see you getting passed ADSC. :twisted:
  6. I agree, chances are if it's a bad loss then there is no chance of the person getting in, however, some people are told they have a hearing loss but that loss may be only slight in the grand scheme of things and therefore no reason to give up on a dream. I don't want to give false hope but it's better than no hope until proved otherwise
  7. My hearing is ffoked from my service-if I get any deafer I'll be downgraded. Funny thing was I may have been too deaf to get in. At the Recruiting office I had to do the test again with winks from the recruiter so I passed.
  8. My son started his application earlier this year, he has certain high pitch frequency loss in one ear, he has just found out from the medical board that he is not suitable, and that was before he had even got as far as ADSC, so I would imagine you would find it hard to get in, but good luck anyway. My son was gutted as it is the only thing he has ever wanted to do, so he has to now think of another career.
  9. hi mate,

    i served in army for 10 years. now i have some problems with hearing, took a hearing test last week results as follows
    right ear 140 left ear 120
    what does that mean in terms of hearing loss and constant buzzing in one ear.

    any help from an expert would be a great help ps the tester was a twa!.
  10. Paulkamula,

    Your doctor should ask for another test in a couple of weeks, making sure that you haven't been exposed to loud noise. All the audios are now automatic so should really be twat-proof. Even so, you will be sent to see an Ear Nose Throat specialist who will get a professional (professional but may still be a twat) hearing test arranged for you.

    If that still shows a hearing loss of 125 or more, your medical grading will be changed to P3 H3 Limited Deployment and you will be advised to reduce noise exposure.

    This may have an impact on your employability, so be prepared for a change in job and career path.
  11. hi mate

    i dont understand audiograms where do i fall in your chart? 10 years service lots of bangs lol
    sorry for the crappy copy of audiogram.