Hearing standards, ALL questions in here.

Hearing standards, all questions in this thread please


Now that we have the obligatory joke about hearing over and done with, we can concentrate on the serious side of hearing standards for recruits.

All new entrants must have hearing acuity assessed by pure tone audiometry.

Audiometric basis of assessment. The basis of audiometric assessment is the summing of high and low frequency levels in decibels (dB) over 6 frequencies. The frequencies used are 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Kilohertz (kHz); The low frequencies being 0.5, 1 and 2 kHz and the high frequencies being 3, 4, and 5kHz. The hearing in each ear is assessed separately. The assessment is recorded under the first H for right ear, and under the second H for the left ear. The higher digit representing the worst frequency group, determines the individuals overall hearing category for each ear.

Audiometric standards, There are five grades of hearing acuity 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8.

Specialist advise will need to be sought to determine H4 and H8

See the attachment below for details

translation of the above, you have to have an audio test. each ear is assessed by a variety of tones in set frequencies. The frequencies are split into high and low. Check these against the table (link above) and you'll find out if you are too deaf to join. Most trades only require H2, AAC soldiers and pilots* require H1, AGC MPGS* are accepted as H3.
Soldiers who become a lower hearing grade during service may be retained.
* no direct entry for AAC pilots and MPGS anyway.


Link now working again, sorry for the missing info folks.


The hearing test is the one thing i am bricking about as i dont want all this work so far to be fcuked up by it and my one "bad"/"Treble" ear


Sit still, breathe softly through your open mouth. You might look like a mong, but nobody's watching and you'll miss fewer beeps that way.


Managed to get some old info off my doc about my last hearing test Right-Normal Left-not so good with trouble at low frequencys. Hopefully i will pass it and wont have to play my ace :S


My hearing isnt brilliant but i still passed the hearing test, the medical staff were very helpfull in glencourse.I am worried about it for when i start basic
training and have the medical sitdown with the doc but hopefully i should be fine.Its reasurring that their are people with slight hearing problems and its just not me.Anyway the nco's always shout so you wont miss a trick lol
I have dodgy hearing as well. Always have done. If you fail the hearing test on your first attempt on the main board, do you get another chance on a second main board? Or is that the end of your prospects for a career in the army over right there?


They will try different hearing tests on your ears and hopefully you should pass one of them.They will help you as much as they are allowed, but if your hearing is really bad i dont think there is much chance.


"Them" That word has given me so much more hope cheers for the help
Are you sure H3 is accept for AGC MPGS? Just wondering becoz I am H3 and disqualifed for all service.


I've tried to download the audiometric table but when it sent me to media fire I had to sign up. I did that but when I click on the link to try and download the audiometric table again, it just sends me to my media fire homepage and I can't download it?

Any ideas?
I was H2 when I joined (and the test was a whisper across a room!) and then when I converted to a Regular Commission in '86 it was discovered I was H3 thanks to my time in the Emerald Toilet. Failed my conversion medical board as a result and had to pay to go to a Harley Street specialist to get a second opinion to prove that it woz the Paddys wot done it. Accordingly a second medical board allowed me to sneak through!

For those with dodgy hearing there is always hope.................

I still can't hear at dinner nights though :evil:


I've always had a H1 when tested in the past by the military. On taking the test last week, I was H2 in one ear, H1 in the other. It was the first ear tested, and the room wasn't quiet. Given I'd like to apply for AAC Pilot at some point in the future, will I be re-tested upon attending OASC for a medical, or will I be binned on paper before AOSB?
Back on thread (just for a change) out of date link removed from the first post, and a document attached.


Does anyone know what Frequency [kHz] and decibels you need to be able to hear to pass? Thanks alot for those who actually help

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