Hearing Loss

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by General snafu, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi
    Anyone made a claim for this. how hard was it and what did you get.

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  8. Was i the only person to get this PM? lol

    Hearing Loss

    Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 8:20 pm
    From: abrecan
    To: Cr33p

    Maybe try these:

    Contact RNID's Information Line on Tel 0808 808 0123 or
    text 0808 808 9000

    There may be an RNID caseworker in your area (there is in mine)
    These people do great work for the hearing impaired.

    Maybe also start to push (the system can be very slow and unhelpful)
    Also consider seeing your GP and get referred for hearing tests?

    Email: charles.heslett @ ypn.co.uk and explain your issues?

    0800 169 22 77 SPVA (Veterans Agency)
    if you think it's caused by service?

    If calling from abroad the number is: + 44 1253 866 043.


    "Armed Forces Compensation Scheme"

    " The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme is for Serving personnel and ex-Service personnel whose injuries, wounds and illnesses arose on or after 6 April 2005

    Please note that in some cases, claims may be considered under both schemes due to injuries, wounds and illnesses arising both before and after 6 April 2005."

    " If you have any questions about your eligibility call the SPVA"

    Also the veterans Knowledge Map:

    Post this on the Site if you feel it's helpful, but leaving that to you.


    20/11/08 2020h

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  13. Presuming your question was a serious one I thought my experiences may be of interest.
    I was a spec op in the sigs for 22 years so my hearing had to be 100% . Towards the end of my time it started deteriorating badly and I developed Meniers , look it up , it is bloody horrible .
    Although when I left the army I was effectively deaf in one ear I was unaware I could claim for this.
    Some years later the British Legion raised the issue of claiming so I did.
    It took 8 months of various medicals appointments and tests with specialists and consultants before MOD agreed my service had caused the problem , although my army medical docs would have had pages about it , but I eventually got 20% disability backdated to the date I had submitted the claim.
    I have been advised not to try claiming again by the British Legion as it has got worse as MOD will call it age deterioration and stop what I am getting now.
    By all means claim , keep good records of everything , if you can get your service med records and they have any mention of hearing problem get them. Only give out photo copies not originals , not surprisingly they go missing !!
    Good luck with your claim if you decide to go ahead
  14. After a long drawn out claim, compensation may be awarded, but it's not as simple as we might think and it's not guaranteed that awards will continue. So much for the so-called (non statutory) Military Covenant, then. :roll: which is more a statement of intent than anything else.

    Veterans have been awarded compensation for problems "attributable to military service" but what isn't widely known is that sooner rather than later, claims will be "reconsidered" and benefits may well be cut.

    There appear to be civilian agencies out there trimming costs and taking compensation away, by triggering "reviews or changes in circumstances", perhaps more realistically these are cost cutting exercises to meet agencies' targets. Apparently; some employment sales
    consultants are expected to get three people into work, per week.

    Yes, veterans and the disabled are being handled by Sales teams, with no other qualification other than hitting sales targets!!.

    The current drive to get unemployed and disabled people back into work will also trigger reviews for injured veterans and help cut the public bills.

    "A range of benefits are available for disabled people" they say. However, claiming for those benefits, like DLA, is an extremely difficult and daunting process, often requiring expert support.

    And there's not much we can do about it all.
  15. Believe me, what ABRECAN has posted is very true.

    Believe me, you are treated like a piece of shite. The people that are in charge treat you no different than some scumbag off the estate that's never done a day's work in their life.

    Anyway, back on thread.

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