Hearing loss

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by EScotia, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. Is there anyone on here that can tell me if anyone has successfully challenged SPVA War Pension on Noise Induced Sensoineural Hearing Loss (NISHL) and on what grounds?

    I have a tribunal approaching and part of my challenge to the WP award is that for NISHL they used the last audiogram taken before the change to AFCS despite my final date of service being in 2012 from an unrelated medical discharge. I also intend to claim that audiogram measurement undertaken in medical centres is now an outdated and partial measurement compared to that used by the NHS and can be administered by unqualified staff in less than ideal surroundings.

    I've since had a full hearing assessment on the NHS and they found I suffered from mild to moderate hearing loss and as a result will be fitted with hearing aids in both ears in Feb.
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  5. Yes, hearing loss well documented and accepted by SPVA as due to service. What War Pensions have done was use an audiology test from before April 2005 rather than the test undertaken during the preliminaries for my FMB. The latest one indicates H2 / H3 but the much more thorough test done by the NHS shows mild to moderate hearing loss in both ears requiring hearing aids to be fitted.
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  9. See the advice given to verdi at #7.
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  12. Hi Escotia,

    Did you go to Tribunal? If so what was the outcome?

    The rules on Hearing Loss were changed in 1993 because too many veterans were claiming. In order to meet the 20% rule you have to have at 50dbl loss averaged over 1,2 and 3khz in both ears.

    The rules are all laid down in Sevice Pension Order 2006: