hearing loss

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by jay2517, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. hi everyone

    was wandering if anyone could shed any light on a quick question im currently h3 hearing in my left ear meaning i cant serve on the frontline im p3 limited deployability however dont notice a great loss or difference to my hearing apart from random tinitus which comes and goes im currently being employed as provost staff within my unit which i hate i really just want to crack on being a frontline soldier again within my regiment is it possible for myself to sign a waiver of some description so that i wud be soleley responsible for anymore hearing loss that may occur from myself deploying on operations in afghanistan
  2. If you failed to hear the order 'DUCK' it could be quite problematical for you.
  3. No - you cannot sign a waiver but you are eligible for RECU, you need to speak with your RCMO......and your RMO
  4. ...and the failure to shout the warning "DUCK" could be problematical for your mates.
  5. What if it is a Goose?
  6. jay2517 - Not sure what your CEG is, but you could certainly deploy to base locations. PM me for more info.
  7. like i said in my opening post i dont notice any difference in my hearing i wud never put my friends in a situation where my hearing loss wud put them at risk got a bit more about me then that
  8. If you have been diagnosed as having a hearing loss problem, the best thing to do is keep away from noise. I noticed when I left the army that I was having trouble hearing, went through the Veteran's Thingie and ended up being diagnosed as having Bilateral Noise Induced Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Believe me if I could go back to the point that it started (Hohne Ranges 1980s, probably) and put decent hearing protection on I would. Although I am slightly deaf normally, I become totally deaf with the slightest bit of background noise.

    They have downgraded you for a reason, listen to the experts.

    I don't get a penny for my hear loss. There is an ex shinyarse in here done two minutes in the army, got out complained of bad knees and gets a pension for them, yet she can still run half marathons.
  9. lets put you in a noisey environment - friday night, in a bar.
    can you hear the full conversation between yourself and a friend?

    the answer to this will more than likely be NO - as you'll have lost your ability to hear high frequency noise in your left ear. your right may be able to compensate in some scenarios

    so mid firefight, ear plugs in, radio squeaking in one ear, noise all around you... ... can you hear to a sufficient level to communicate and be communicated with?

    sorry, but it aint going to happen.
  10. Jay sadly health and safety is far more important these days re your hearing I had the same problem.
    having had many years of service . Having served in a variety of hostile areas with a lifetime of H3 in one ear. the army were not worried then . I questioned why I could be redeployed recently and the answer was that we have strict instructions from MOD etc to protect service personnel hearing due to litagation and compensation especially if being exposed to loud bangs Total bollocks they were never concerned about my hearing previously so why now. I still had to go on the ranges take part in various exercises. it didnt bother me
    As for not hearing an order . well if I was that close to a mortar going off I would need any hearing just a wooden box

    The health and Safety PC brigade have a lot to answer for. You can go on op herrick and previously Telic if you suffered hypertension but hearing loss no chance even if you were one of the fittest guys around. Thats what pissed me off about not being able to deploy