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Discussion in 'RAC' started by jay2517, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. im currently serving in a cavalry regiment but after a 6month tour of afghanistan i have hearing loss im h1 in my right ear but h3 in my left i now cant work on the tanks and am permantley downgraded im graded as p3 LD is there such thing as signing a waiver so i can continue to serve and deploy as i fighting soldier to afghanistan cant see myself being in a frontline regiment and not being able to fight any feed back will be greatley apreciated.
  2. i doubt it! i take you didnt wear the extremly comfy ear defenders that your were issued? unless you can blag another hearing test with a " friendly" medic your fooked. Looks like the SQMS for you then, or even worse tech!

    Have they sent you for and MRI scan or just did this at the med centre? If you go for an MRI they give you a more intense ear test and they might over rule the med centre one. Its worth a shot then atleast you can claim loads of cash and cop a deaf un when the long haired general asks you to cut the grass!

    I had the same when i got back, but i put it down to self abuse,
  3. Jay,

    I suggest that you seek out some properly qualified advice on this one. Sniper9's post above is at best meaningless and at worst misleading.

    There are a number of things that might be able to help, including things as simple as having excess ear wax syringed out of your ears. Clearly this depends on the problem you are actually suffering. My advice would be to make an appointment with your RMO (doctor) so that you can be properly diagnosed and go from there.
  4. Id follow the above post by B-C, you QRL by any chance?
  5. would he be brave enough to admit it in the open if he was ?? :)
  6. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Bear in mind what I am about to say is nearly 30 years old.

    After seven years in recce, I transferred out. At my next unit I was volunteered to undergo a hearing test which revealed I was 85% deaf in my right ear. Two and a half years later, the same test team came around again and my hearing was 100%. Make of it what you will. I concluded that my hearing loss had come about because throughout my time on CVR(T) I had had whistling in my right ear due to movement of air over the live boom mike. Two years without and the problem went away.

    You haven't told us whether you have been declared unfit to serve in any role within your regiment. If I were you, I'd demonstrate to the regiment that you really really want to continue to be a part of the family (lay it on thick) whatever it takes. Ask to be reroled as a shiny-arrsed clerk (oh hang on: are all clerks now badged AGS now?) or MT driver(?) and hang about for a year and keep pestering for your hearing to be reviewed.

    If you ever leave your regiment, it is going to be very difficult to get back in, especially as defence cuts are announced and youngsters continue to push to join. If you have to leave your regiment, you have my sympathy. However, let me assure you that becoming a shiny-arrsed clerk is not the end of the world: you can retrain to do something more useful in the outside world. (In the late-70s - early-80s BFBS Radio used to carry an ad for Army Education with the tag line, "Know anyone in Civvy Street needs an anti-tank gunner?")

    You will always have your memories, and in 30 years' time you'll be a lot better off financially than your current peers (if not with your peers 30 years down the line).
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Can't comment on your current problem but way down the line you may wish you had kept copies of every bit of documentation about this. The reason is that noise-induced deafness may cut in long after you have left the Services but well before the deafness attributable to old age, and you may want to put in a claim at that point. The key feature is that high frequency hearing goes before low frequency. It is not curable, although hearing aids may ameliorate the problem; what happens is that noise shock makes the cilia brittle - these are the little hair-like structures in the inner ear which vibrate to received sound and so generate the electrical signals with which your brain 'hears'. Eventually the cilia beak off and so their actual function isn't there any more and you can't grow new ones.
  8. BC your utter prick, if you had read the post you would have seen he has already been to the med centre. what do you think, he got up one morning and found that he couldnt hear anything in the lower frequency range and declared himself P3? As for misleading what does yours say, err go and see and doctor, my god you must be fantastic at stating the obvious. If it was a build of ear wax, the specialst at the ENT should be able to determeine if thats or something else, if not then most likely an MRI will follow to make sure that it is the ear drum and nothing more sinsister.

    as AFTM has stated it may just be a short term problem and it may go away, and as for roles within his unit, they wont just kick him and will find him a part to play, even if it is in the G4 chain. As suggested get copies of everything, the army has a funny way of losing paper work when compo is involved

    scarletto, band wagon jumper
  9. Not a band wagon jumper, but with advice like ]unless you can blag another hearing test with a " friendly" medic your fooked, shows your a knob
  10. what and you never had friends in the buts! the bloke wants to crack on in the front line, and not be forced to give that up. wouldnt try and buck the system to have another shot, or would you lie back and take it? on second thoughts you would no doubt do the latter.
  11. As we dont know WHO has said to him about his hearing loss, it may be if he decided to get a 'dodgy' result, he ends up in trouble.Which whilst i understand his reasoning and why he asked on here, as none of us have the full story, dont you think it may be a tad dangerous offering advice over the internet to him ?????

    We arent talking about loosing something, its a medical matter.

    As to what i would or wouldnt do, well crack on, but i didnt ask the question did i.
  12. SHOULDN'T THIS THREAD BE IN CAPS LOCK? - I'll get my coat.....
  13. OK I'll bite.

    You clearly don't know what an MRI machine is used for. It would be very unusual to use one in the initial diagnosis of hearing loss (any doctors out there feel free to correct me).

    Having previously read some of your ill informed, poorly spelled and at times trolling drivel on other threads, it is quite obvious that you have nothing positive to add.

    Also there should be an "an" in your first sentence and you might want to note that "your" means belongs to you. "You are" is shortened to "you're".


    Handbag put away now...
  14. SHOULDN'T THIS THREAD BE IN CAPS LOCK? - I'll get my coat.....

    Sid Where you been??? Somewhere hot or hilly this time.
  15. scarletto
    SHOULDN'T THIS THREAD BE IN CAPS LOCK? - I'll get my coat.....

    Sid Where you been??? Somewhere hot or hilly this time. .20-10-2010 20:01brave-coward

    Biff not me mate.. think your going senile ! Been to LA and Florida....