Hearing loss from live firing

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Maverick00, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. I`m currently experiencing ringing in my left ear and muffled hearing after taking part in live firing - idiotically I did not have ear def's in my left ear. However, the ear was only exposed for a few rounds on one attack. The incident occured last thurs so its been a week now. There has been some improvement but nothing drastic by any stretch. I'm assured by others that its quite common for it to take a couple of weeks to recover (including the doc) but I just wondered what experiences/advice anyone on here had?

    Basically i'm looking for reassurance because if i've managed to screw my hearing I am worried i'm looking at a MD.
  2. I wouldn't worry too much about getting MD'd yet, it probably will take a few weeks to recover especially as it was only a few rounds. There are guys out in Helmand and Iraq blatting off belt loads without serious after issues. Next time make sure you wear your ear defence, that is why they are issued and you will have no come back if your hearing is fecked as its basically your own fault for not wearing them.
    My hearing was damaged when I was serving too and I had to go to see a hearing specialist who just advised that I wear my yellows with my amplivox, it is quite hard to get MD'd for anything these days so unless your hearing is well and truly gone its not going to happen.
  3. Maverick00 are you from an ethnic or religious minority?
  4. I had it once after going to a loud gig and it lasted for 2 weeks before starting to clear up. With mine there was absolutely no improvement for 2 weeks then it started to get gradually better until about 10 days later I just woke up and it'd gone.

    I know it drives you insane as it is one of the most annoying things I've ever had, and I too didn't want to go to the docs but you can always go private.

    Good luck with it!!
  6. The irony is that i'm commissioning into the Gunners in 6 weeks...
  7. Put yourself out of misery,go and get a proper hearing test at least you will know either way,and maybe some sort of hearing trumpet might be in order.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    NIHL became a serious issue in thelate 80's live firing on ops obviously cant be done with cans on but all other activities should, that includes flying in noisy service a/c or helos, plant and machinary. trust me if you dont and you spend the rest of your life with tinitus which is a pain in the ear and you will find that the war pension for hearing loss is poor and set at the highest possible level of deafness in any country that pays such pensions.
    It can also affect your career. I suffer but I keep stalking deer and rough shooting only wearing cans when I am static such as in a line or pigeon hide. fact of life now but mine started to go when as a cadet in the 70's I went on a Lynx flight in BAOR and it has gradually got worse. I work in a noisy environment with regular hearing tests but I usually scrape through.
  9. Remember Maverick, should you choose to have this event recorded in your FMed 4 (a wise idea for the future) you were, of course, 'wearing your issued ear defenders, which, due to their impractical design became slightly dislodged when you adopted a fire position.' :thumright:
  10. Yeah i had the same after watching megadeth. should be called mega-deaf cos i bloody was for days.
  11. Try Slayer and Nuclear Assault on the same bill!

    Seriously though, if the ringing goes but the hearing is still a bit poor,it's worth getting the ear canal syringed - I thought I had seriously duffed my hearing on one side but a good bit of that was due to wax buildup - you used to be able to get this Hydrogen Peroxide stuff that dissolved the yellow crap but I haven't seen it for a while. The prob was the natural reaction to blocked/buzzing ears is to stick the old pinky in and have a good swivel, which can force gunk upwards and block the pipes.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Peanut oil does it, obviously as long as you arent allergic.
  13. Speak up mate, can't hear you!
  14. Not much help to the original poster, but a bit of history. My old Dad was an ack ack gunner on a mobile column in WWll and got through OK, God Bless 'im. In the early sixties he started going a bit deaf and his doctor put it down to his war service. He contacted the MOD who denied any liability. Being a big believer in the power of the press, he contacted the Hilton Bureau at the News of the World. They went to bat on his behalf and got him a pension and a bit of compo.
    Talking of a bit of history. When I was a kid, Dad used to tell us about his War Stories, 'Monty said put your rifle away for today Bill, you've shot enough jerries', etc.. But he did have a big tin OXO box full of old sepia and black and white photos of his tours of duty, ranging from Stukas beating up the beaches at Dunkirk, to his pals, pictures of Holland and Belgium, Diamond Ts, God only knows where he got the film and all taken with his little 'Box Brownie'. I went to visit him just before he died, he knew and I knew he was on his way and I said get the box out Dad, lets go through the war photos. He then said, 'I've chucked 'em son, not much point in keeping 'em now. We both filled up together, I never felt so close to him. Sorry folks, dont know where all that came from, never written anything like this before.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I had a moment like that last August with my Great Uncle in Montreal. Stories of Grandad and 2 brothers as lads in Yorkshire then on the prairies before enlisting and 1 not coming home!
    At the end he almost threw me out poor sod it hurt him to reminisce about those that have gone, his son, my granddad and Brother, poor lad!