Hearing Loss- free course for MoD military and military related hearing loss sufferers


Free military and MOD related staff lipreading course held at CityLit London.

I recently attended a ten-week course sponsored by the Royal British Legion held at city lit University in Holborn London. Course was one evening a week from 6-8 pm.

For anyone who has lost their hearing to a lesser or greater extent the CityLit lipreading course is a marvel. The course is a lot more than 'just lipreading', it introduces you to social strategies, deafness management and a host of other things that you are unaware of all of which improve your general hearing experience and make your life a lot easier.
For the hearing deafness is a difficult thing to understand as a social disability, for those with hearing loss it is virtually impossible to explain the everyday difficulties you encounter to the hearing. This wonderful course bridges that gap and is literally a lifesaver and life enhancing.

This course is free and frankly I would have paid hundreds of pounds to attend it, it's not actually often that you get a free lunch that is actually a gourmet meal and free!

As I said the course went over 10 weeks and we were guided through hearing strategies, basic lipreading, basic finger spelling and had introductions to equipment that can help those with damaged hearing and hearing loss. They also included experts on equipment and additional medical advice and services for those who have such things as tinnitus.

This course is a lifesaver and a game changer not only does it teach you how to manage your hearing loss, it also teaches you to manage the people who have to put up with your hearing loss. The ability to adequately explain to people what is going on is of great help in everyday events.

As I said it was free, hopefully they are going to do more of these courses if you want more information please contact Lorraine. The hearing loss faculty at city lit also has the ability to take hearing awareness courses to workplaces and institutions. Drop them a line they are amazingly helpful people and the course tutor Lisa Walker has a very good sense of humor and fits in with military banter just fine.

Highly, highly recommended.

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