Hearing aid priority for veterans

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EX_STAB, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/6230152.stm

    Looks like this was missed:

    Not sure about the two engined Spitfire though.. :?
  2. you'd be suprised how sensitive our ears are to sound. apart from forgetting to put on ear defence when on the ranges and only hearing church bells for ages even limited exposure to i pods and loud music does lots of damage. think twice when you whack up the volume for you earphones!
  3. Do the BBC mean Derek Twigg?
  4. ... they also say that war veterans are entitled to priority treatment for their war pensioned injuries according to National Health Service guidelines WHC(2003)65 - unfortunately this only applies to (outpatient and inpatient) treatment in hospitals (as long as there is no higher clinical priority at the time), however there is no onus on GP's to refer you (therefore you don't get treated).

    I take it that this is going to be as much use ...
  5. Its just worked for me having waited a year and being told I must wait at least a further year. I applied to the Veterans Agency for a priority treatment letter. Within a week of sending it to the hospital I had a letter back for an appointment next month!
  6. Methinks you are lucky. which may well mean my postcode is wrong, but then my main problem is with pain and mobility.

    It's probably cheaper to sort out a hearing aid (however hi-tech) than an operation to sort out weight bearing joints, which when left, impact on other parts of the skeletal structure.

    My GP does not recognise any priority for war pensioned injuries. In this area, one cannot bypass the GP. If s/he refuses to give a referral, you receive no treatment (this includes follow up treatment for pensioned injuries).

    BTW, I received my first letter from War Pensions (as it was at the time)
    in 1992; VA have sent me the updated letter to no avail.

    After a long telephone conversation with VA it was admitted that, according to NHS guidelines, war pensioners have priority, however VA has no actual power to ensure that these guidelines are implemented.
  7. Yes I agree from the postings on here it seems to be a hit and miss system. If we are going to have 30 years of war in AFG with other expeditionary operations on the cards we need to make sure that service personnel and veterans are properly looked after both in and after service. We need more factual information followed by a campaign to improve the lot of veterans which is enshrined in a legal framework.