Heard a rumour today

Discussion in 'RLC' started by lifesabummer, Sep 16, 2010.

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  1. I heard a rumour today that the new DRLC is not a fan of Stable belts and that we are going back to green working belts.

    Anyone heard such rumour??
  2. Yes was told ths afternoon to get my stable belt off and back to the Green one???
    New brush sweeps clean and all that bollocks?
  3. It aint a rumour. "With immediate effect" is the words I read on an email received today. So if your wearing a stable belt tomorrow with CS95 you are incorrectly dressed.
  4. If a sapper may make a polite enquiry, do you not have one of your amusing DRLC cartoon tales to explain this stable belt mullarkey?
  5. Look on the bright side you will not have to suffer the same fate as REME OR's and purchase side fastening stable belts and lose the centre fastening beer bottle opening stable belts. See the REME thread on stable belts.

    Mind you the next DRLC may consider side fastening stable belts are the 'in thing'.

    Remember you heard it here first.
  6. What a big bag of bollox. How much of an 'it's my train set' mentality is this?

    Like DB216 says, the next chappie will no doubt decide 'no TRFs' or TRFs on the back of berets or some such crap!


    *Just seen it's Army wide* Sorry Mr DRLC!
  7. Bonus, after most of my young soldiers have forked out for them.

    Will we be wearing name tags again next week?
  8. Does everybody actually have a green belt these days?
  9. Stable belts remain de rigueur in barrack dress of course; something that a completely separate rumour has suggested we shall be seeing a deal more of in the future (assuming we have one (a future that is)).
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Was at a T.A. passout today at Grantham
    Lads were encouraged to go to the PRI and get a belt

    Must be getting rid of the stock
  11. Barrack dress or lightweights? I dont think we hold enough of either in Bicester to supply the Corps, never mind the rest of the army.
  12. Oh f*ck :omfg:
  13. I bet the price of 1958 pattern web belts will rocket in the military surplus stores to satisfy the needs of the TROGGS to look ally.
  14. As the RLC dress regs states:

    Stable belts MAY be worn whilst in barracks. Whilst in the field or on exercise working belts will be worn.

    It also states that a face veil MAY be worn as a cravat under the shirt.

    So sell your stable belt and buy a face veil!
  15. For 'may' read 'at command and not individual discretion' and all may become clear.